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The daddy, 3 year old son in kindergarten, the teacher how to visit? Sohu education from the beginning of September 19th, 3 year old son officially became a student at home near MARLBOROUGH school. The pictures are from the British parenting record 3 year old son entered the gate of the school. Starting in September 19th, he officially became a kindergarten student at MARLBOROUGH school near home. Before the start of home visits after hearing the knock, I went downstairs to open the door. My son was sitting on the stairs behind me, watching two strangers in the door with a watchful eye. In accordance with the previous agreement, my home in the vicinity of primary school Marlborough Kindergarten (Nursury) two female teachers, in September 5th on time at my door. They are coming home visits. Visiting time is a few months ago will be good. In September this year, the son of 3 years old can officially enter the public school kindergarten. Previously, he had spent six months in the vicinity of the church kindergarten, belonging to the nature of their own expense. As early as June of this year, the school has opened a parent meeting, introduced aspects of the kindergarten. After that, the school has officially to write a letter home, told the visiting time, if parents think that time has a problem, can communicate and discuss school. Enter the door, sit down. A British greeting after the two teachers began the division of labor. The female teacher older the first small bag pulls out a Plush Elephant, a flash in front of his son, the little guy’s eyes were immediately attracted in the past. Then, she took out a few books, a few white cushion shell and some pencils, consciously threw it on the floor. After that, she took another of my name is not on the toys: a piece of wood, a few elephants bear like small pieces of wood, in accordance with the needs of the children back to the original animal module. A few small toys lost, his son’s eyes can not bear to leave. In the teacher’s constant encouragement, he began to play with her on the ground a few small toys. Later, he began to play with the teacher in the book: the three-dimensional book of the small page opened, there is always hidden in a small animal image. Behind different pages, you can always find different animals. The teacher cheered and encouraged him every time he opened it. In the teacher’s encouragement, the son seems to have a sense of accomplishment, but also excited to laugh and cry. From the initial alert, to get familiar with, then to harmony, and end up with excitement and look cheerful. Another teacher, and there is no idle. She took out two forms and asked us questions one by one. These questions include: the name of the child and the name of the family member. The child’s name and the name of Chinese English is the same, parents love the teacher call children which name in school (official name many people usually call the British and not the same, the school will respect their parents choose different names for children)? What language does the child usually speak at home, in Chinese or English? What language is the child more willing to speak now? What kind of toys are you interested in? The most important thing for children today相关的主题文章: