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The depth of the dialogue Huang Xiaojie: Storm mirror reality – Sohu layoffs storm technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April VR boom has slowed the pace of transit, is the urgent need, but also not to be killed by a stick. Last month, the layoffs storm mirror to the size of five hundred people in the teeth of the storm, a time reduced to three hundred people, so that valuations had reached 1 billion 340 million yuan star company once again become the focus of questioning and praise can be heard without end. Earlier this month, storm mirror CEO Huang Xiaojie wrote in response to layoffs and adjustment, but only so many details. For the "great operating pressure", "cold winter capital" feeling, Huang Xiaojie and storm mirror seems to have more to say. On Thursday, things Chi exclusive dialogue storm mirror CEO Huang Xiaojie, field visits suffered layoffs after the storm munezane building C block 7 layer. In the face of many sharp questions, Huang Xiaojie words and deeds are still relatively calm and calm, but also for the future of anxiety and anxiety and not exposed. The overall atmosphere is not as reported by the outside world. Looking ahead, the centralized station relatively full, but empty rooms. A split of the team from the sub business of nearly one hundred people, according to Huang Xiaojie introduction. In the past year, industry after another solution vendors find the storm mirror to discuss and seek the B field, and began to try multi domain business level. Hatching process project, such as VR technology in automobile, real estate, travel and other areas of the five industry application projects, the introduction of industry resource integration in the vertical field based on VR technology, the content of bias field. The storm mirror to these hatch team part of the start-up capital, belongs to the angel round of investment, while in the late given the storm mirror in the brand, VR technology, resources, channels and other aspects of support. At the same time also introduced a number of external capital, including last year in June and the establishment of the virtual reality of the capital VC. Huang Xiaojie believes that the advantages of the storm mirror is the largest incubator team to support the brand. The storm mirror hatched the five teams, each team of ten to twenty dollars, about the size of one hundred people. "As a non core business storm mirror, now all split out". Huang Xiaojie introduction. Two, split and independent of the logic behind the split process, Huang Xiaojie said, from the division to the establishment of a subsidiary, the company took a lot of incentives, such as giving the team shares, etc.. Huang Xiaojie for the B side of the business plan is to develop to a certain stage, docking business, customers are willing to give money to achieve a certain revenue. He said that one of the field of education App Co VR has achieved traffic conversion. Mention the team in the background, Huang Xiaojie said, from the different segments of the industry to introduce a number of professional personnel, for example, VR in the field of automotive vehicle team, BITAUTO VP. At the end of B business competition, the difference of play storm mirror is used in each team to establish a vertical platform. Huang Xiaojie said, is a platform level business, rather than as a.相关的主题文章: