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The editor Zhang Jiahui hit response: disbursements also hit [Abstract] this Zhang Jiahui said very shocked, "this is what reason! The film was originally a risk, make money or lose money there are too many factors, how could I just lost? He came back from abroad!" The victims of the circle of friends screenshot screenshot circle of friends Zhang Jiahui (Li Xiaoya) Tencent entertainment news October 21st evening, Hongkong famous editor Zhang Jiahui released a photo in the circle of friends, his face a few obvious scars on the face with the text display, interpreted as a result of "violence and injury", and long details have been playing through. Zhang Jiahui said the early morning of October 20th first by sea X Sheng X pictures chairman XX called ", then by the XX driver tightly catch in the next meeting in the process," the other continuous on me until I beg violence just to stop, but he continued violence to me." Zhang Jiahui in the circle of friends, he had to return for medical treatment, the short term will not be back to Beijing. Tencent entertainment for the first time to contact the Zhang Jiahui himself, he said because the other has hit his head, so after returning to Hong Kong has been the first time to go to the hospital, has been confirmed for skin trauma, bone no problem. After Zhang Jiahui was hit back, he said, is the company’s investment in a film producer, is mainly responsible for the control and organization executive creative quality shooting team, quality control. When playing, the chairman claimed that the film is responsible for the accounts of producer told him that Zhang Jiahui behind him said he had no money, so he did not face, also mentioned by coarse version of the director’s cut is not satisfactory, so to beat yourself. Zhang Jiahui stressed that his creation is the executive producer, not the management accounts of the producer, he has been working in the process as producer, director, help the project to find the group team management creation, but so far the company has signed a contract with his producer, have not paid the fee, he also worked in London shooting during the advance of filming costs over ten million. During the interview, Zhang Jiahui has been very indignant, repeatedly said, too terrible, feel the shadow of life has been threatened". At the same time also said, "I hope things will calm down, everyone is safe". Zhang Jiahui did not disclose the name and company name. Search news can be found at the beginning of 2016, announced that the company reached a long-term cooperation with the name of Zhang Jiahui was named chairman of Saatchi Haina pictures, schich. According to the WeChat public, "chief Entertainment Officer" interview reports, company founder schich and Wang Yiqing, were from Financial Street and the film and television industry. After the incident, someone who worked with Zhang Jiahui director, also in the circle of friends issued a document angrily said: "the batterer, you know that you start to Scarlett:, has caused many and the famous old man worked with the film’s anger? The film circle can not accommodate the underworld." The director also drying out the spirit schich chairman Heiner, and pointed out that the company is flourishing haina. The disclosure was: other outrageous hands, not Zhang Jiahui indignation: horrible communication! After switching on the phone, Zhang Jiahui recalled the whole process of being played to Tencent entertainment. October 20th morning, Zhang jia.相关的主题文章: