The entry was two months, and at the beginning of workplace experience — Education —

The entry was two months, and at the beginning of workplace experience — Education — original title: the entry of only two months, and the early experience of the workplace after "95" to leave the campus into the community with many Xinhua Xinhua press survey for this summer just graduated from college students who are accustomed to their summer vacation, in this National Day holiday, to usher in the first time to rest after work. Returning home, gathering; learning, pro forma; overtime…… Love is the summary of the "95" after the new workplace, said Luo Guansheng, for their age, family conditions generally more abundant, more self personality, happiness is not happiness, mainly to see their own. The psychological construction of the big city this National Day holiday gave Li Yufeng a big blow. In July this year, Li Yufeng has just graduated from a university in Zhenjiang, to work in Shanghai. Parents and his original idea is that in the "back garden" of Shanghai Suzhou to buy a suite of spare. However, during the national day, announced the purchase of Suzhou, Suzhou residents in the purchase of at least two years to pay social security. Li Yufeng is a professional design, I feel no good opportunity to return home. My psychological price is 5000+, so the cost of expensive rent in Shanghai, the basic life can not afford their parents." However, the boss offered a monthly salary of 4000 yuan, he decided to accept the job, to get some work experience. Shanghai high prices, so that he has a plan to buy a house in Suzhou. Now is the most tangled, whether in Shanghai to buy or buy in Suzhou, such as the social security payment period, prices do not know how much." Guozihao a business unit to the Nanjing Forestry University recruit, born in 1994, Yangzhou girl small ye ye candidates went to Beijing, but in Tongzhou, did not give her career preparation. A monthly salary of 4500 yuan, housing subsidies 700 yuan, two flat-share 82 square meters apartment, rent 2000 yuan, half. She said that he likes to buy high-quality stuff, basically rely on overdraft life next month. June 27th to post a year, internship, after the positive income will be higher. Small ye ye father is very happy, "a good income, the platform of Yangzhou not to cherish". The new workload is huge, the content of her work is divided into 3 blocks: propaganda, do graphic editing two WeChat public number; professional, learning all the laboratory experiment, countless staying up late to work overtime, catch the map; social training call, from the recruitment, do form, to receive students, on-site maintenance, "collapse, watching Korean senior colleagues in the office, I often face various emergencies isolated and helpless and their requirements……" Like all "90" love with hardcore words, small Ye Ye "struggling" to describe the new life and work, "noon eat oatmeal, evening back their own meals, parents will remote guidance". How about your classmates? An enterprise of Zhejiang to get state subsidies to recruit graduates, go to class 8, a variety of difficulties withheld, students a month are forced to resign; seven or eight students find the treatment and atmosphere of good company, cherish talent; there are two students from the University began to record)相关的主题文章: