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Traffic-Building Most Internet entrepreneurs need quality, unique content to populate websites, information products and blogs. Finding that quality content is an eternal quest among Internet business owners, especially now that the search engines are getting smarter. The robots can spot duplicate content a mile away! Producing unique content yourself is not easy. You need to gather some good information before you begin. Writing is indeed a craft, and it’s certainly not for everyone. Some people hate to write. You can always hire someone to write articles for you. In my experience, hiring a writer produces mixed results. Some are good and deliver a quality product on time. Others have left me wondering why I ever decided to hire someone. Private library rights, popularly known as PLR material, is one of the current trends online where webmasters get content. Even so, PLR material still needs some work before you can use it because in most cases hundreds or even thousands of people have gotten the same article. Text manipulation softwares such as Webspinner or ArticleBot are another way to create unique content. They aren’t cheap, though. Many article conversion softwares are appearing these days. These tools switch out words and phrases with synonyms as a way to make an article somewhat unique. I have tried a few. I quickly lose patience trying to build the thesaurus to the point where the output meets my own standard of quality. Then there’s public domain material. To my way of thinking, public domain material is by far one of the best ways to acquire excellent content that both the search engines and your clients will be happy with. When you find public domain content yourself, you have discovered a truly unique treasure because the chances are pretty good that no other Internet business is using the same content. That means your site or blog or product is truly unique. And when you put together a product from a public domain work and call it your own, you automatically have a 50 year copyright on that version of the material! And the best part is, it doesn’t cost you anything except time and effort to product saleable products from public domain material. But remember, producing any quality information product takes time and effort. Information products put together with public domain material are no exception to this. Even so, .piling quality content with public domain works is getting easier, thanks to programmers who are producing software tools to expedite the whole process. I ran across a new tool that makes many of the formerly tedious tasks into a breeze. I’ve got it at How-toReports.. The product is called Public Domain Prowler. It’s bundled with another tool called Public Domain Researcher. Between the two of them, I am now able to over.e my procrastination and quickly find public domain content for my websites and blogs. I haven’t quite gotten my act together enough to create an information product, but these tools will make that a lot easier once I decide to do so. Another thing about the Prowler software that made me decide to go with it, is a sales page generator that’s right in the program. I find producing sales page copy very time-consuming. The generator in this software forces me to focus on all the right statements and then it spits out my sales page in a lot less time that I am used to spending on my sales copy. For me, it’s a great time-saver. If you have hired copywriters to write you sales pages, you know how expensive they can be. This software will definitely save you some bucks in this department. You can find out more in the link in the resource box below. 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