The EU wants to amend the copyright law Google index news to pay-antik

The EU wants to amend the copyright law to pay Sina Google index news technology news Beijing time on August 27th morning news, according to the draft law on Copyright Reform Commission issued the latest news, the European publishers will be given to Google and other Internet platform charging rights. The copyright law reform bill will be published next month. According to European Commission officials, the draft aims to weaken the influence of Google and other large online service providers. Because these service providers have a large share of the market in Europe, such as search, so that they negotiate with the European content publishers in a dominant position. According to the new draft regulations, the future of Google (Google News) to index news publishers news (Abstract), news publishers have the right to levy fees. It is unclear how Google will respond. Prior to the introduction of similar regulations in Spain, Google later canceled the news index function. Of course, if you want to, news publishers can choose not to levy fees to Google. Insiders said the move will make the EU and Silicon Valley technology companies have strained relations between the further deterioration. Before, the two sides have long been in dispute over fair competition, taxes and privacy. As early as 2009, the U.S. media giant News Group Chairman Rupert · Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch) complained that Google free news publishers, Google as "parasites" and "content kleptomaniacs". Google believes that the news search service only provides little part of the whole news, interested readers will click on the link to the original page, but it will bring traffic to news publishers. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: