The first Chinese ASEAN meteorological Cooperation Forum held in Nanning to discuss regional

The first Chinese ASEAN meteorological Cooperation Forum held in Nanning   to discuss regional meteorological cooperation — Environmental Protection — Beijing 12 September,   September 11th, in the thirteenth session of the Chinese ASEAN Expo and Chinese – ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, jointly organized by the Chinese Meteorological Bureau and the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government’s first Chinese ASEAN weather Cooperation Forum held in Nanning. The theme of this forum is "regional meteorological disaster monitoring and common defense", aimed at the characteristics of the regional meteorological disasters, share experiences and results of meteorological disaster prevention and response to climate change, to discuss how to establish mechanism monitoring and prevention of meteorological disasters China with ASEAN countries. Director of China Meteorological Bureau Zheng Guoguang said in his speech, the government proposed the "China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, adhering to the "peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win" spirit, to promote the economic prosperity of the countries along with regional cooperation. China Meteorological Bureau will be adhering to the "The Belt and Road" regional cooperation principle, and promote along the countries including ASEAN cooperation. The outcome of cooperation is conducive to promoting regional meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation and response to climate change. Zheng Guoguang said, Chinese connected with the ASEAN sea, facing similar meteorological disasters, such as typhoons, storms, drought, and coping with the challenges of climate change. China and ASEAN countries have made good cooperation in the field of weather and climate monitoring, meteorological data and information exchange, exchange of visits by experts, and meteorological technology and equipment. Zheng Guoguang hope that through the forum discussion, Chinese and ASEAN countries to establish regional cooperation mechanisms in the field of meteorology, strengthen the sharing, in the observation data of disaster defense, meteorological services and scientific research, meteorological instrument calibration and technical personnel exchanges and training cooperation, jointly improve the weather forecast and service ability and level. Zhang Xiulong, vice chairman of the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government, said that promoting the integration and development of disaster prevention and mitigation work, to avoid and minimize disaster losses is the common mission of China and ASEAN countries. The China ASEAN meteorological Cooperation Forum held by the Chinese and ASEAN countries to enhance mutual trust and mutual cooperation in the field of meteorology is of great significance. We believe that this forum will be a grand gathering to deepen the cooperation and exchanges between China and ASEAN, which will be conducive to the promotion of China ASEAN cooperation and exchanges on a new level. He suggested that China and ASEAN countries to strengthen the monitoring and defense of extreme weather disasters, weather warning information to strengthen interoperability, deepen the disaster weather forecast technology and personnel exchanges, strengthen meteorological equipment and technical cooperation. To strengthen regional cooperation in meteorology, Meteorological Bureau deputy director China Jiao Mei Yan made a presentation entitled "enhancing regional cooperation to better serve regional development report", introduces the development situation, China meteorological Chinese meteorological cooperation with ASEAN countries, and puts forward some suggestions for the future Chinese and ASEAN countries to strengthen cooperation in meteorology. She said, Chinese meteorological department is willing to share development experience with the ASEAN countries, to improve service ability, improve the regional level of disaster prevention and mitigation, the cooperation for the benefit of "people’s Belt and Road Initiative countries along. At the opening ceremony of the forum, the China Meteorological Administration相关的主题文章: