The first steam car CEO the new deal is not about us tailor

The first steam car CEO: the new deal is not about us about CEO Wei Dong Shouqi car tailored "Beijing Beijing car" that "Beijing city network booking taxi business service management implementation details" become the network about the car market blockbuster, at the same time, it also let the network about the car dubbed the "National team" about the first steam the car "lying" benefit. For a time, the car about the new deal is tailored to the national team in the industry to spread the argument. The first steam car about CEO Wei Dong yesterday accepted an exclusive interview with the Beijing Daily reporter, for the new deal, the market structure to its layout and plan to do a detailed description. Look at their Beijing Daily: what are the new car about cars, action and layout? Wei Dong: on the one hand, we include on-line accessibility network about cars, more accurate products; on the other hand, according to the Beijing, Shanghai and other city near the ground network about car rules, we will be in the driver, vehicle and operation are in accordance with the local regulations on the basis, continue to increase transport security, which includes increasing owned vehicles, including strengthening cooperation with local partners. Beijing Daily: Policy after Beijing "Beijing Beijing car" network about the new car to solicit opinions, with a view of the new deal is almost out in accordance with the existing mode of the car about cars. Wei Dong: this statement is not objective. The car is not in accordance with the new policy about network about cars and the existing model Shouqi formulation, but we follow the direction of policy is trying to do some things. In a sense, before about Shouqi car project on-line, national and local policies or guidance has not been issued, we just try to do within the scope of policy. At that time, we learn from the enterprises in the same industry technology, business model and cooperation model, in the premise of policy compliance, try as much as possible, of course, after the relevant policies of the state and the draft issued, we are really looking forward to the policy landing. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to set rules before we do things together. Beijing Daily: how about the car headed the first mover advantage? Wei Dong: indeed, the Beijing market, we are currently the most close to the policy, but from the national one to one policy point of view, we are faced with the problems faced by other platforms is the same. Look at the industry Beijing Daily: in accordance with the current draft to operate, the network about the new deal may make the current big platform subversive. Wei Dong: we understand that the introduction of local policy, network about cars to implement a policy system, all will be based around the traffic development level, city traffic demand to decide how to manage the network about the car, and not from a perspective of unilateral enterprise development demands a. Look at the future of Beijing Business Daily: the future pattern of the industry will be what kind of change? Wei Dong: after all the official policy of the floor, will supply clear standards, some low-end models currently existing market clearing platform, select the high-end models into the service field, at the same time, strict supervision for access to the driver. Therefore, in the future of the industry pattern, in the direction and framework of government control, in the frame and direction within the scope of the search for competition and breakthrough point of their own, choose the optimization platform and upgrade the existing platform. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter Fang Binnan and Sun Wei recommended: concern AI generation.相关的主题文章: