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The former residence of Liu Yalou is still listed on the protection of demolitions at seven Redevelopment – Sohu Military Channel Harbin August 27th new media news: Harbin District of Shuangcheng City, "the former residence of Liu Yalou and other 7 unmovable cultural relics have been artificially damaged, the main suspects have been arrested. Reporters learned that the 7 cultural relics in a local important studio to change the project scope, listing protection is still not allowed to survive". Currently, the local authorities are responsible for tracing. According to the State Bureau of cultural relics, decided to 7 destroyed immovable cultural relics, the implementation of redevelopment. Cultural relics were artificially damaged unrecoverable suspects were arrested on August 25th in the afternoon the reporter on the scene saw the immovable cultural relics damaged place Shuangcheng district is located in the northeast corner, and the fourth Field Army memorial hall across the street. Regional distribution of piles of broken bricks, wood houses can be seen in some areas damaged staggered stacking. The Northeast Democratic United Army independent regiment site are still part of the damaged wall retains. 7 immovable cultural relics damage scene has been cordoned off, and were set up here for the mobile relics protection site notice board. Time back to June 25th morning, the roar of the forklift and the sound of broken wall broke the quiet morning, Li Xiquan forklift driver a ruined demolition, also broke the silence of history, let the immovable cultural relics 7 hiding in shantytowns, become the focus of netizens hot. These buildings all have a glorious revolutionary history, contains the memorable historical value, but for a bulldozer to "ruins" demolitions of what is the reason? What kind of hidden interests drive? Why did not prevent local authorities to stop the demolition of the tyrant action?"…… Netizens sigh and questioned constantly warming. Reporters found that in addition to the highest degree of concern "Founding General Liu Shuangcheng house", these relics include the Northeast Democratic United Army independent regiment site, the Northeast Democratic United Army independent regiment communications class site, the Northeast Democratic United Army independent regiment chuishiban site, the Northeast Democratic Coalition headquarters guard company site, the Northeast Democratic coalition headquarters site health the site of the shop and Chen Jiayin. Shuangcheng District Sports Radio and Television Bureau Secretary Zheng Mengnan told reporters at the scene, the 7 buildings are included in the national cultural relics census during the third non removable relics. In addition to Chen Jiayin Pu site is the ancient architecture of immovable cultural relics, the other 6 are modern important historical and architectural representation category. Currently, these have not yet classified cultural relics, severely damaged, can not be restored. "The census of cultural relics is not grading, does not mean that there is no value and low value, grading need to go to the cultural relics department to provide materials, expert argumentation and the local people’s government application procedures." Zheng Mengnan explained. According to the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau Shuangcheng District branch of the criminal investigation squadron investigator Zhao Hongjun, received the relevant personnel and the cultural relics department after the alarm, Shuangcheng District Public Security Department immediately will stay at the scene of the arrest of Li Xiquan. After the interrogation, he confessed the Demolition Company responsible person often Jingrui to the scene command was employed in the Harbin Anji demolition Services Limited, the suspects often Jingrui after appearing in court directs others to illegal damage to cultural relics.相关的主题文章: