The funds will be in a stock market regulation reshacker

After the control of the property market will enter A shares? Sina Financial opinion leaders (WeChat public number kopleader) institutional column RIH cast read this time only to see a small cycle of adjustment, but also to talk about the big cycle inflection point. If Zhou Xiaochuan hinted that monetary policy will be tightened, then the property market and the stock market are unfavorable. If monetary policy remains relatively loose, then the seesaw effect will be relatively more worth looking forward to. After the control of the property market will enter A shares? During the national day, the biggest thing, of course, is the introduction of the 19 cities of the property market regulation and control of the new deal, the property market cooling is inevitable. Then, a serious problem to the property market, not to play, in the end the overflow will fund moved to A shares? Logic for a while, we do research. These two days, I do a front line principal investor research, research topic is: the property market will not be controlled by intensive capital into the stock market, the fourth quarter A shares how to see? A total of 49 investors participated in the survey, they are mainly in the hands of funds to buy a house, across public funds, private equity funds, brokerage information management, insurance, futures and other investment areas. Including Lv Jun, thousands of joint capital investment calm Wang Yawei, Dan Bin, Chen Feng, the Eastern Harbour investment assets, Bo Hou wadibia, as good as water Chen Yu Shen investment investment company to participate in this research, the research object is in charge of all the assets add up to more than 500 billion yuan. Firewire research 49 investors bullish 15 people, accounting for 30% of the main logic is funding the seesaw based judgment and self adjustment of A shares has been basically put in place in time and space. 5 short: accounting for 10% the main logic is based on the valuation regression, that the A shares are still expensive. See shock 29 people: accounting for more than 60% of the main logic is that at this stage does not have the conditions to launch a big market, continue to shock, differentiation, structured. In accordance with the practice of RIH investment research will be reading, we will be the content of the original presentation, but not named. Each paragraph below, corresponds to an investment home. The 1 and fourth quarter to see more A shares of the 15 investment, accounting for 30% of overseas housing restrictions, blocked the configuration, so much like a ghost wandering in the country. It appears that the stock market and the futures market and a wave of market. What the government needs to do is to find a way out of the money. Value repair space is still cautious optimism. Feel the stock market fell almost, although the index is still near 3000, but only real estate and banks in the drag. In fact, many stocks have fallen to 2800 or even near the, A shares will brew a greater chance. The market is bound to rise, the problem of time. Money is a good thing, at least in the short term. Optimistic, so, anyway, liquidity is still, interest rates are low, not too bearish. There are quotes, look at the stock market is certainly positive for 3300-3600, the only disturbing factor is that we will continue to devalue the rmb. There should be a wave of quotes. After the national day, there will be a wave of the market. )相关的主题文章: