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By the four run group awards on future development of the western group ran Running Festival of the most popular group ran four awards on the run group by group ran for future development it is reported that this event is running through the network appraisal way, the selection of the best western, the most popular group ran and awards. Mr. Deng Kai, the editor in chief of sina Sichuan, said that the purpose of holding the ceremony is to make the running group feast ceremonial and create a brand of the running group of Western China. Sina Sichuan has set up a special western most popular run group "," western new run group "," the most influential run group "," Best Western run group "four awards from all walks of life, hope that through this way to enjoy running support and encouragement. At the awards ceremony, a round table forum in the form of salon was launched on the theme of "construction and future analysis of the running industry". What are the problems that the running regiment may encounter in the future? How should I solve it? Should the run group be commercialized? In this regard, sina Sichuan sports director Shi Yi, marathon Liang Xiang and other professionals in the scene carried out a heated discussion. After 3 hours of awards ceremony, the Western running event ended perfectly in the picture of the heads of all the regiments and the guests. As of this year, the sentinel Umma activities, it is not only an awards ceremony, but for every run group, participating in the marathon running by the biggest fans. On September 25th at 7:40 in the morning, Wenjiang floraland Ferris wheel, Mengniu Chengdu? 2016 Wenjiang international marathon together with you "slow to enjoy Wenjiang out of interest"!

颁四大跑团奖项 议跑团未来发展 西部跑步盛典最具人气跑团   颁四大跑团奖项 议跑团未来发展   据悉,本次跑步盛典是通过网络评比的方式,评选出西部最优秀、最具人气的跑团并进行颁奖。新浪四川总编辑邓凯先生说,举办这场典礼的初衷,就是为了将跑团盛宴仪式化,打造出一个属于西部自己的跑团评选颁奖礼品牌。   新浪四川特别设置了“西部最具人气跑团”、“西部新锐跑团”、“西部最具影响力跑团”、“西部最佳跑团”四大奖项,希望通过这种方式给喜爱跑步运动的各界人士给予支持和鼓励。   在颁奖典礼上,就“跑步行业的建设及未来分析”这一主题,展开了沙龙形式的圆桌论坛。跑团在未来发展中可能会遇到哪些难题?该如何解决?跑团应不应该商业化?对此,新浪四川体育总监石亿、马拉松达人梁湘等专业人士在现场进行了激烈的讨论。   在经过长达3个小时的颁奖仪式后,本次西部跑步盛典在所有跑团团长及与会嘉宾的合影留念中完美落幕。作为今年温马的前哨活动,它不仅是一场颁奖盛典,更是对参与本次马拉松赛事的所有跑团、跑步爱好者最大的鼓舞。9月25日上午7点40分,温江国色天乡摩天轮处,蒙牛?2016成都温江国际半程马拉松与你一起“慢享温江跑出趣”!相关的主题文章: