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The global shipping industry reshuffle: South Korea is unfortunate Chinese "blessing in disguise" shipping industry with the shipping cycle down, the world’s seventh largest container company Hanjin filed for bankruptcy protection last week. The whole industry is facing reshuffle. There is a point of view, Han Jin bankruptcy to leave the capacity vacuum, it is the opportunity of Chinese shipping companies. About 95% of the world’s manufactured goods, from clothing to television, are transported by container, according to Zerogedge, a financial blog. Although Hanjin accounted for only 3.2% of global container capacity, but coincided with the global retailers for the upcoming holidays (such as Thanksgiving and Christmas) wantonly purchase occasion, it will benefit other operators. Drewry, a shipping consultancy, said that since the announcement of the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping, since September 1st, the main container shipping routes from Asia to the spot market price increased by 42%. Maritime booking website Freightos data show that the Asian – American routes per container shipping price jumped to $4423, compared with $2835 a week ago rose by 56%. Shenwan Hong also said that Korea into bankruptcy capacity exit, or short-term good cargo freight. Because of its sudden bankruptcy, part of the goods freight forwarding has been transferred to other ships, in the short term the owner will only choose the CKYHE Alliance (including: COSCO Shipping, Taiwan, Taiwan Evergreen Marine Shipping and Japan’s Kawasaki in Steamboat shipping company) to replace Hanjin Shipping, so the companies will benefit from a priority. The agency said, according to the freight forwarder’s offer, is expected in September 15th there will be a significant increase in freight rates. Shanghai International Shipping Research Center predicted that in the third quarter of this year, China’s container transport enterprises in the financial situation than in the two quarter, or there will be significantly warmer, is expected to return to the boom range. According to China’s shipping boom survey, the three quarter of China’s container transport enterprises boom index is expected to be at 108.57 points, compared with the two quarter rose by 11.82 points. If it is expected to achieve, it will be the first time since the fourth quarter of 2014 rose to the index range. The container business climate index rebounded from the perspective of catalytic events, Shenwan Hong proposed attention Chinese ocean, because COSCO and Hanjin Shipping in the same alliance, will become the preferred forwarder for class. Since the Han Dynasty bankruptcy, China Ocean shares have risen nearly 6%. Chinese Ocean Rose Guolian securities also pointed out that the Hanjin owned container capacity with Korea into bankruptcy and freezing; at the same time, the cargo market is to reduce the supply pressure of the season, also for the owner to support prices. "We expect 9 to October, the cargo market price increase will more substantial, concerned about the proposal China COSCO, cscl." Not only container shipping, dry bulk shipping industry has also improved. Recently because of Capesize rates continued to surge, the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) continuous jump, as of September 8th, the BDI index at 792 points, a record high this year, last month rose nearly 25%. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) rose but the agency also believes that the long term logistics industry is still in the trough. SWS said the shipping industry as &q)相关的主题文章: