The goddess of exclusive clothing sword hero for 12 years the biggest innovation beta today

The goddess of exclusive clothing "sword hero" for 12 years the biggest innovation today the beta 6.2 CGWR score novice card booking | sword hero area lead: twelve years time, three families of broken dream arena, separation; breaking natural host. "Sword hero" (the tour’s) 12 years maximum update information in the film "feather" Legend of tomorrow shock beta! The new race day birds born, wild waves again four kingdoms; new feather bow occupation tide, won the king of swords for far attack; the goddess full service sensation, thousands of women gathered to build two exclusive service [], the goddess Qingguoqingcheng [] national beauty and heavenly fragrance! New rivers and lakes, new challenges, the goddess of the exclusive service waiting for you! Recommended new service: four [], Qingguoqingcheng double zone [group two] goddess national beauty and heavenly fragrance exclusive new service today hot open, new occupation extreme spree appeared for the first time, the God bow walk the world! "Got it cut the dividend rebate super push up 2 seconds to 99, the national dividend super open, old friends return to send millions of new service packs, forecast will need 75, 70 belts, 80 wrist reincarnation Chicheng suit. Twenty-second more guild tournament awards, thousands of cards soul pure gold, sublimation stone, magic, magic, Golden Dragon bile melting crystallization of the need for a large number of props with you! The depth of the new secret occupation primaries > > > a key to see 16 major gifts > > > for you to start today the goddess who decided to send Iphone7> > > new host [new race? Host] prehistoric times, the flood ravaged Xuzhou area. To avoid disasters, part of the boundary of Xuzhou people die to birds migrate south, the power over the great mountains, at the end of the South County border settlement. Grateful to the people, the birds God Suzaku for new faith. After a mans blessing, and how to bow, as the body. In the course of time, they grow wings, can not fly, but has a non Terran appearance, called yu. The so-called old times. Host a humanistic spirit and beauty, they usually in the deep forest, drink dew eat berries, natural body temperament are extremely outstanding. It is reported that its inhabited land called habayashi hung forest, green Yingying, many trees, lots of treasure is here to stay, to heaven. Now, Yu people turned out to break, demon, three of family separation pattern, Kyushu per capita attention, the rivers and lakes turmoil. Its cool skills [new born occupation? For a long time in the mountains] flight feathers, use bows, nimble agile, can archery, away from the head. One weapon for the host bow, legend of the bird Suzaku beak, hard and flexible, can take thousands of pounds of force. The emergence of Suzaku as an arrow, through the waves destroyed everything is broken and then fetish. Its superior strength, including Pugong all skill moves are remote attacks, is the king of hundred-percent remote. Coupled with strong explosive force, strong attack, sensitive freely, and control skills, can even damage the rebound, flight feathers of the arena was born, the inevitable unrest! The influx of a large number of Goddess goddess goddess of love will open today.相关的主题文章: