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The gold market is waiting for the night did not dare to act rashly EIA Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Global foreign exchange on September 14th hearing – Wednesday (September 14th) the price of gold hit a low of $1313 a week after the rebound, by the short covering and the dollar fell to boost, currently trading at $1325.15 ounce line. Federal Reserve (FED) in September to maintain interest rates unchanged interest rates, investors did not dare to bet on gold and gold. Gold 15 minutes chart ($) the price of gold rebounded despite the U.S. long-term bond yields rose overnight to support the dollar, but the Fed is still expected to maintain stability in the short term. Dollar index fell back to 95.40 line pressure on Wednesday to provide a boost to gold rally. (U.S. dollar index 1 hours chart) fed in September to maintain interest rates unchanged, investors did not dare to bet on gold before the big down. A gold trader said that gold is waiting for more guidance on the news, is expected before Thursday’s U.S. retail price of gold will remain volatile. Even the beautiful data is unlikely to allow the fed to take action in September. Despite the short-term trend of greater uncertainty, but there are still many investors optimistic about the long-term trend of gold prices in the market. Analysts believe that in the current environment, precious metals, such as gold, will offer attractive medium-term buying opportunities. The bank also gives two reasons: first, the uncertainty of the global central bank’s ability to stimulate economic growth; second the political environment in Europe and other regions of the market volatility or exacerbate. At the same time, the gold ETF positions is also reduced, by the end of September 14th, the world’s largest gold ETF–SPDR Gold Trust positions on a trading day to reduce 4.45 tons, the current holdings of 935.49 tons, the lowest since two and a half. In the next Sunday, the United States has announced the latest interest rate decision, the United States is about to announce the retail sales and CPI data will become the main macroeconomic impact of the impact of the gold price event. Oil bulls waiting EIA night tonight 22:30 America will announce the new EIA crude oil inventory data, API crude oil inventory data released today morning show inventory reduction, but refined oil inventories increased significantly, is expected to increase the probability of a larger inventory data EIA tonight. The International Energy Agency (IEA) on Tuesday (September 13th) the month reported that global oil demand growth slowed sharply, coupled with the inventory and supply surge, means that the oil will keep the excess supply, at least to the first half of 2017. This leads to a substantial weakening of oil prices overnight. Wednesday morning, the American Petroleum Institute (API) data show that in September 9th, when the U.S. crude oil inventories increased 1 million 400 thousand barrels a week, an increase of less than analysts estimate of 4 million 500 thousand barrels. API crude oil inventories on Wednesday morning to help moderate rebound in oil prices. OANDA senior market analyst Jeffrey Hall theory相关的主题文章: