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The Imperial Palace six scenic spots such as the full-time instructors undocumented personnel shall not engage in – Beijing yesterday, municipal people’s Congress Standing Committee of the Municipal Tourism Ordinance draft, revised draft proposed, the city banned travel fare, purchase zhicijiagao goods induced 5 day operation, establish and improve the tourism uncivilized behavior record system. Proposed draft, the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, gradually to the the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Beijing and other six major scenic sites to implement full-time instructors system, without obtaining the certificate of scenic spot explanation personnel shall not engage in the team on the service. Scenic spot – the first mention of the "strategic positioning of the capital city" yesterday, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee held its twenty-ninth meeting to consider the revised draft regulations of tourism. Draft is put forward for the first time the city tourism should adhere to the "capital city strategic positioning, play history and culture, science and technology education, business exhibition and international exchanges and other resources, enhance political cohesion, cultural transmission, social harmony and economic and social development, realize the coordinated development of tourism and tourism industry. In this regard, city vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Cheng Xiaojun, standing committee members proposed in consideration of the bill, Beijing is the capital of the country, the function orientation of Beijing tourism is decided by the nature and functions of the capital city, has political, social and cultural, and economic function, it is necessary to be stipulated in the regulations, better play the tourism service in the capital function, enhance political cohesion, cultural influence, and the role of the force of social integration. The members of the Standing Committee believes that Beijing’s tourism resources with the imperial culture and the capital cultural resources unique, should be qualitative classification management. Accordingly, the revised draft, the city according to the nature and function of the scenic spots, investment construction and management of the main categories of scenic spot pricing and management system. Among them, the public welfare of urban parks, museums, memorials, etc., in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the city pilot free opening, by the tourism administrative departments to the social formula. The use of public resources in the construction of scenic spots, not for profit purposes, tickets for government pricing or government guidance. Various types of market players to invest in the construction of scenic spots, tickets for market regulation, independent pricing. The six major scenic spots will be set up full-time commentator Cheng Xiaojun said, standing committee members believe that the the Imperial Palace, Tiantan and other six world cultural heritage is an important tourism resource, and promote and demonstrate the important representative of national history and culture. For this kind of scenic spots should be able to demonstrate and reflect the true meaning and essence of the world cultural heritage, scenic content should be more informative, more standardized service. The finance and Economics Committee proposes to add a clause in the bill "Tourism Management" to make special arrangements for the interpretation of such scenic spots. Therefore, the revised proposed city listed in the world cultural heritage the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Beijing and other sites of six major scenic spots gradually implement guide management system. Scenic spots should be standardized to explain the content, increase the explanation of the historical and cultural connotation, strengthen the commentator, tour guides, tourism volunteer training. Trained qualified personnel, issued by the scenic good相关的主题文章: