The last half year of the Wanda compound is 64%– property – People’s

In the last half of the year, the revenue of the Wanda line rose 64%– property – the people’s network JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chen Yan) yesterday evening, the Wanda line announced the first half of the performance report. During the reporting period, the Wanda line achieved 5 billion 722 million yuan in operating revenue, up 64.12% from the same period, and net profit of 805 million yuan, an increase of 28.05% over the same period. The report showed that the total box office revenue of the last half year of the Wanda line was 4 billion yuan, up 40.6% from the same year. The domestic box office is 3 billion 360 million yuan, and the Australian box office is 640 million yuan. The domestic market share is 13.7%, and there is a steady rise in the market. As of June 30th, Wanda cinema has 320 theaters and 2789 screens. The 40 movie cities of the Wanda cinema line were among the top 100 in the national box office, and 81 movie cities entered the top 200 of the national box office. It is particularly noteworthy that Wanda cinema accounted for 32% of the non box office revenue in the first half of the year, up 12 percentage points from 20% in 2015, far higher than the industry level, and has been very close to the level of the developed North American market (around 35%). Wanda cinema President Ceng Maojun has accepted the media interview said: "with the film enriched, cinema box office revenue will continue to decline in the proportion, sale, derivatives and other non box office revenue will continue to improve. When one day, the box office income ratio is less than 50%, the transformation and upgrading of the Wanda line will be completed. " (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)

萬達院線上半年收入漲64%–房產–人民網 京華時報訊(記者陳艷)昨天晚間,萬達院線公佈了上半年業勣報告。報告期內,萬達院線實現營業收入57.22億元,同比增長64.12%;淨利潤為8.05億元,同比增長28.05%。 報告顯示,萬達院線上半年總票房收入40億元,同比增長40.6%。其中國內票房33.6億元,澳洲票房6.4億元。國內市場佔有率13.7%,穩中有升。截至6月30日,萬達院線擁有已開業影院320傢,銀幕2789塊。萬達院線下屬40傢影城躋身全國票房收入前100名,81傢影城進入全國票房收入前200名。 尤為值得關注的是,萬達院線上半年非票房收入佔比高達32%,比2015年的20%提升了12個百分點,遠遠高於行業水平,已經非常接近北美發達市場的水平(35%左右)。 萬達院線總裁曾茂軍曾在接受媒體埰訪中表示:“隨著對電影理解的不斷豐富,電影院票房收入的佔比會不斷下降,賣品、衍生品等非票房收入將不斷提高。等到有一天,票房收入佔比低於50%,萬達院線的轉型升級就完成了。” (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章: