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The man lost his right leg after marriage insurance they divorce by his wife tearfully face original title: 23 days after her husband lost his right leg licensing risks they provided to divorce his wife in tears until you finally the wedding scene ", but fortunately I did not give up……" At 10 yesterday morning, a special outdoor wedding held in Wuchang poly Hotel, wearing a suit dress and groom sitting in a wheelchair, soulful singing songs for the bride, dressed in white gauze bride marching song slowly on stage, has helped groom passionately kissing, the audience are all moved by their use applause. Best wishes. The bride and groom are from the northeast after "85", in Huangshi last year fell in love in February this year, the licensing of marriage, the wedding plans in May. Unexpectedly, a sudden disaster, so that the boy lost his right leg forever. Girl quit working in the hospital for more than seven months to accompany closely. Yesterday, two people in the staff arrangement and witness, held a wedding to be long in coming. The 29 year old guy lost his right leg in unexpected trouble risk they groom Li Guijun 29 year old, his hometown in Heilongjiang, in 2009 to work in a state-owned enterprise in Hubei of Huangshi. Although the 27 year old bride Rong Chang is a fellow, but the last until March last year, only in the family’s introduction of the understanding of the two. After the two meet very congenial, quickly established a relationship. In June last year, when he was working in Qingdao, Li Guijun resigned, went to Huangshi and reunion". Rong Chang quickly find a kindergarten teacher in Huangshi, and Li Guijun’s love progress rapidly, in February 14th of this year, two people received a marriage certificate, and intends to hold a wedding in May. However, the weather is unpredictable, just 23 days after licensing, an unexpected trouble broke the two sweet and quiet life. The early morning of March 8th, the night Li Guijun is responsible for the maintenance of his machine, but a worker operating mistakes, resulting in Li Guijun was sandwiched between two machines, was suddenly cut off his right leg and immediately coma, the ambulance was sent to the local hospital for emergency treatment, because of the crisis, second days into the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, was the diagnosis of "right to take off the pelvis of the right hip, a large area of soft tissue defects, body multiple fractures". Micro Hospital Department of orthopedics physician Tao Shengxiang said, Li Guijun is one of the most dangerous condition in recent years, the patients in hospital. Due to internal and external iliac vein and fracture massive hemorrhage, bladder and other organs rupture, surgery in the slightest mistake, it may take too long or bled to hit the operating table. After 2 rescue, a total of more than ten thousand ml of blood transfusion, a total of more than 13 ml. Li Guijun was lucky enough to have saved his life, but had to amputate and never lose his right leg. Never abandon her husband to divorce his wife in tears after careful nursing staff, in August this year, Li Guijun’s physical condition is gradually restored, can get out of bed. Rongchang from Li Guijun injured, they closely accompany on the edge of the bed. "Every time the dying to sign the notice, Rongchang hand trembled, she kept saying that" as long as you can you live, what do I do. "" Hospital Department of orthopedics two ward head nurse Hu Lanping said, every time the hand of Yan, Li Guijun相关的主题文章: