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The man ran a red light was fined police: you want money to crazy red stop, green line, although some people know, but can not abide by. Just like the man below: obviously he broke the red light was seized by the police, but in turn accused the police, and even telephone complaints. Monitoring showed that more than 11 points in November 16th at noon, Xuzhou Quanshan police in the liberation of the bridge intersection on duty, man Kwak riding the electric car, when the traffic police face red light, traffic police immediately stopped him. I heard that the police will punish them, actually Kwak picked up the phone call 110 and 12345 government hotline complaints, said the police are meddling, and said on the phone, "this is my first time, he had to be fined to, do not want money like crazy for you". Kwak bad attitude, vulgar language, but the police have always been patient, to explain to him, Kwak’s mood is still very excited, shouted, I have to go today, I have to call him off!" Finally persuaded by the police, Guo received more than an hour of learning and education. The traffic control department said, just fine and learning, and guide people to obey the law means, to ensure public safety is the ultimate goal.相关的主题文章: