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The mass line takeaway   supervision should be more attention (big data observation) – Society – Zhang Fangman drawing every meal, the name of the platform of the eye-catching signs room brother riding the electric car has become a city go by like the wind, the scenery on the street. Data show that as of June 2016, the size of nearly 150 million users of online delivery, personal Internet application with 31.8% of the first half of the growth rate of the first half growth this year in the mobile phone terminal; online takeaway user scale growth is more obvious, half the growth rate of 40.5%, users reached 146 million. In the online takeaway rapid hot at the same time, the food safety problem is as the shadow follows the form. Not long ago, with the media once again exposed the black restaurant on the line again, the original lunch by the network of Beijing media Zhang Linqing, the heart of the little anxiety was triggered again. "Look" tall ", who knows to eat is not" dirty "?" See the restaurant, how to incorporate real supervision, it has become a problem placed in front of the relevant departments. Part of the platform concealed incomplete qualification businesses in August 26th, the Beijing Municipal Food and drug administration again interviewed a number of online ordering platform, following the previously announced U.S., Baidu takeaway, hungry 3 online ordering platform on the 60 undocumented shop list, and informed the 30 stores 3 takeaway platform. As of August 25th, the Beijing Municipal Food and drug administration to monitor the U.S., hungry, Baidu takeaway platform three a total of 51 thousand businesses, Beijing online store information publicity rate by this year’s "3? 15" period is almost zero to 86.5%. The provisions of the "Beijing city network of food business supervision and management measures", the third party platform provider shall conduct examination and registration apply to enter the platform for the food business qualification, timely update operator identity certificate, business license and qualification certificate of food materials, and in the eye-catching to engage in business activities in the home location related information publicity. For those who do not have the qualification of food business operators shall not allow them to carry out food business activities on the platform. "From the beginning of March requires the enterprise business information publicity platform, the final set before July 15th must be released, the takeaway platform dragged." Beijing food and drug administration, said Li Jiang, director of the food market supervision, some companies set up Yin and Yang accounts, the data to the government departments and internal data inconsistencies. Part of the platform for their own interests, or some incomplete qualification businesses. On the night before the interview, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration Internet Monitoring Center for the whole night in search of information on the curing stage. Surprisingly, after the staff did not fix the evidence for a while, it was found that the shop has started offline. "They crystal clear for their own problems, generally with their own is the emerging industry is not mature, less manpower, businesses and other reasons to shirk. The regulatory authorities to check they move; media exposure which store, they get off the line which shop." Li Jiang said. Means of Supervision Co., fine efforts to deter small "network ordering is safe, the third party platform can take responsibility)相关的主题文章: