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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Sino US cooperation in law enforcement, four Japanese island project inscription Q & A – Beijing Q: Recently, the U.S. State Department announced that the U.S. Assistant Secretary of state Brownfield will be held November 21-22, held in Beijing to attend the fourteenth China US Joint Liaison Group for law enforcement cooperation conference. Could you tell us about the meeting? What is China’s expectation of the meeting? A: Sino US law enforcement cooperation is an important part of bilateral relations. Sino US Joint Liaison Group on law enforcement cooperation (JLG) was established in 1997 in accordance with the joint declaration of the two heads of state in the United States in 1998, is the first bilateral cooperation in law enforcement between China and foreign countries. As the main channel of law enforcement cooperation between China and the United States, JLG was founded in 18 years fruitful, repeatedly praised by the leaders of the two countries. JLG is a comprehensive cross sectoral coordination mechanism in Chinese by the Ministry of foreign affairs and the State Department, led by the law enforcement departments, the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs were co head of law secretary, Ministry of public security and the Ministry of Supervision Bureau of international cooperation, International Cooperation Bureau, the United States was co head of State Council, assistant secretary of state Justice Department Deputy Assistant Secretary of state and the assistant secretary of homeland security. JLG holds a meeting every year, take turns in China and the United states. In the us the mechanism as a platform to carry out close cooperation on Yang Xiuzhu, Huang Yurong, Wang Guoqiang, Yang Jinjun, Kuang Wanfang and other key pursuit case, great achievements and progress. The two sides also launched a large number of pragmatic cooperation in the fight against intellectual property crimes, cybercrime, drug crimes and other fields. The fourteenth plenary session of the JLG will be held in Beijing this month, 21-22, the meeting will review the situation since the thirteenth meeting of law enforcement cooperation, exchange views on issues of mutual concern, and planning the next focus of cooperation. China is willing to make joint efforts with the United States through the conference to further enhance mutual trust, expand consensus, deepen cooperation and promote the continued development of JLG steadily, to jointly promote bilateral cooperation in law enforcement, promote the development of bilateral relations. Q: Recently, the Nuclear Suppliers Group held a meeting in Vienna to discuss the idea of new members to join. China calls for the establishment of a non discriminatory mechanism on the accession of the non contracting parties to the Treaty on non proliferation of nuclear weapons. Could you elaborate on that? A: we have repeatedly stated China joins NSG’s position on the issue in the "Contracting State" non NPT, is summed up in two steps: the first step is to the spirit of the principles of justice, to explore and reach a non discriminatory, applicable to all solutions "non NPT states"; the second step is on the basis of the discussion of specific "non NPT states" application to join. November 11th, NSG held a meeting in Vienna. The meeting discussed the technical, legal and political issues of the accession to the NSG of non NPT states parties. This is the first time that NSG has formally discussed the accession of non NPT parties in an open and transparent manner. China believes that the meeting is a good starting point for NSG to open the two step intergovernmental process. We support NSG to continue the open and transparent inter governmental process, in accordance with the rules of the group, will take a good first step, go, and seek to.相关的主题文章: