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The movie "trunk girl" fixing director Zhu Linsen’s first touch gangster theme – Gansu Baiyin comic entertainment Sohu raped cracked the case of second days, directed by Zhu Linsen’s gangster thriller "trunk girl" in Yinchuan is also up smoothly. "Girl" stills "trunk trunk girl" tells the story of the dance school campus Belle Liu Sijia, in a secluded alley, was a strange man with a towel over his halo ether. The girl woke up, he found himself locked in a running car trunk. Fortunately, the girl’s pants pocket there is a department for grandma’s old machine, not the kidnappers found, so she used the old machine dial 110 to report to the police. 110 operator Cao Lan received an alarm call, immediately dispatched a police force, the city search. Unfortunately, the girl with the alarm call is a cell phone card, there is no chip, the police can not find accurate positioning. Then, a fierce battle between the girl and the rescue on the 110 operator, the police, the kidnappers…… It is reported that the film starring Zhang Shanshan, Yin Haoze, Yunzhen Zeng three strength actor, chest phantom champion Wang Mingming cameo. Compact film, the plot ups and downs. "The trunk girl" stills director Zhu Linsen told reporters, "trunk girl" is a film about how the police detective serial rape and murder of the film, this is the first time he directed gangster movies. Why talk about the creation of this film, Zhu Linsen said, in recent years, the country killed the girl missing events continue to occur, he wants to pass this movie to remind the majority of young women, must pay attention to the safety of. In addition, the director Zhu Linsen has a special liking for the gangster film, the film the future he will create some of these themes. Director Zhu Linsen Zhu Linsen also told reporters a good news, who produced theatrical film "the ultimate man" just nominated twelfth Hollywood AOF International Film Festival "best action movie nominated, best actor nomination, best action Award nomination". "The ultimate man" is also a finalist in the American MartialCon International Film Festival nominated for best director, best action design award. By Zhu Linsen himself the ultimate "tough guy" trailer was also nominated for a MartialCon American International Film Festival "best Trailer nomination" award. The film director Zhu Linsen, former dean of the art director, Beijing star brothers Television Culture Co., Star School of film and Television Art Institute director. The director works with the "ghost", "blood umbrella dwarfs" and other films buffy. In 2014, the director of the "underground garage" was nominated for the Chinese Film Festival in Washington dc. In 2013, screenwriter and producer works "Kung Fu Fighter" won the ninth Hollywood AOF International Film Festival "best action design award" and the thirteenth session of the Kwangju International Film Festival "action art achievement award". In 2011, producer works "shuangjiegun" was the fifth Cologne International Film Festival Organizing Committee award of South Korea and the Kwangju International Film Festival screenings works.相关的主题文章: