The new book Hangzhou City Wen Long Lane Primary School the first grade language teacher Mao Xiaohan-jiqingwuyuetian

The new book: Hangzhou Mao Xiaohang Chinese teachers in the first grade, the Dragon Lane Primary School, pay attention to the review: the child returned home from school every day, parents should pay attention to what children learn today: for example, learn new words, you can let the children to learn today the words read to the parents to listen, read and use the word group word, some the commonly used words can also let the children talk about sentences with (that can help them expand their vocabulary, not unconsciously accumulate language); some words are required to write, parents can prepare a Honda word this, let the children to write words to you again, parents concerned about the child’s order is correct, whether the appropriate frame the structure of the word; incorrect or inappropriate, you can let the children read the correct examples. As to learn pinyin, you can let the children open the Chinese book, the same day the letter syllable for your parents; if the parents found the child to read not skilled, can let the children listen to the tape and read more, read more feel, spelling will become skilled. Learn the text again, can let the children read the text for your parents or parents back to listen to. This set of new textbooks. The first grade language selected text language is simple and beautiful, close to the student life, shorter length, read catchy. Read the text, recite the text, are important ways for children to accumulate language. Two, pay attention to preview: especially began to learn the text. The children had a little bit of basic literacy, and just learned Pinyin, there will be some new words in the text, the kids can use to learn pinyin to help you read, read the text. At the beginning of the child’s action will be slow, parents do not worry, we must let the children themselves, it is not time to put on the handle, to help a busy. Only the children through their own efforts to read correct words and texts, to realize that learning to bring them happiness, so as to maintain the interest of study, day day school. Three, pay attention to the parent-child reading: reading is the best way to learn Chinese. Just enter the child, the word recognition is not much, can not read independently. At this time the parents smoked at least 15~30 minutes every day and children with the parent-child reading, reading books to books mainly. You can take a look at the illustrations with your children, talk about what you see, imagine what the story is, and then read the text again and again to the children. At this time, the child may find just parents and talk is not entirely correct, the original author is about such a story, experience to see light suddenly feeling; children may be found just like parents and talked about the author, feel very smart, confident. No matter what kind of feeling, will let the child fall in love with reading. Wait until the child to read, parents can retire after winning merit. Four, moderate praise and criticism. There are differences in each child, the child has just entered the class, the pace of adaptation is not the same. Parents can see their children in schools to complete the homework every day, review and preview, and teachers, to understand their children’s learning, the child is good, including good study habits, timely praise; not learning enough, don’t criticize, to find the cause, if it is.相关的主题文章: