The new song didn’t hear enough Let the sound of your car in the field

The new song didn’t hear enough? Let the car stereo scene you dream round lead: accompanied by the end of the National Day golden week, we loved the new song "China" also dropped the curtain in Beijing nest. This after three months to quiet Music Carnival boy Jiang Dunhao win and draw to a successful conclusion. As a phenomenon of entertainment, "new song" China with domestic top team players, amazing vocals, and professional audio equipment, made a good many classic voice for the people. (source: DNA.YOKA) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Many of the "new song" loyal audience can not help but sigh, but also to wait a year to see the Jay Chou Gong Gong, but also endure the loneliness of a year to hear the perfect live music again…… Don’t be afraid of Jay Chou’s fans, this year we have two concerts Mack daddy waiting for you, and love the "new song" professional music effect the audience do not worry, because the car stereo can satisfy you, the effect can make the ears personally on the scene "pregnant" yo! Cadillac CT6:BOSE CT6 is the latest flagship Cadillac brand models, whether it is wild appearance, or fine interior, give the viewer a unique American luxury. The same as the United States is welcomed by consumer audio brand, BOSE and CT6 together is more logical. CT6 is equipped with sound to high-tech success, BOSE special skills ANC active noise reduction technology is applied to the Cadillac models, back to the occupants of the quiet environment, so you can enjoy music to soothe mental and physical pleasure. Mercedes Benz S class: Burmester voice of Berlin Benz S level as a German luxury car, in the car audio equipment is sloppy, the German national audio brand Burmester has become the standard with the voice of Berlin. The voice of Berlin is the world’s top brands have a fever acoustics, is a real audio fancier dream. The voice of Berlin is not only a sound brand, but also a symbol of identity. The Jaguar XJL:Meridian British treasure although the British luxury car brand Jaguar Land Rover has been put under the arm of India’s Tata Motors, but the two car brand is still flowing Empire proud blood, keep well ingrained aristocratic elegance. Jaguar’s flagship model XJL is equipped with a Meridian in the audio system. British treasure inherited the noble and simple design purposes, and to maintain the quality of excellence, as long as the microphone can detect the sound, Meridian can be clearly reproduced. Lexus LS:Mark Levinson Mark Levinson may be a lot of buddy for this country from Japan models unfamiliar, equipped with the Mark Levinson Mark Levinson sound is unheard of, but the actual situation is whether vehicles or sound system, is the industry’s top products. Lexus LS is a Japanese luxury brand flagship models, and known as Ben e相关的主题文章: