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The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region commission by letter post broke the "iron chair" – Ningxia Channel – "in the style of construction, to break the official" iron chair ", for those who do not want to, dare not to, not for the cadres out of position, to those who want to, dare, for cadres to create more self display the opportunity." Recently, the Commission by letter of the autonomous region held large auditorium style construction, to "three" cadres "issued an ultimatum". In order to create a dare to play, forge ahead, pragmatic, to entrepreneurship and innovation work style, autonomous commission by letter, by strengthening supervision and management, establish a scientific assessment system, rotation exercise, the establishment of fault tolerance error correcting mechanism of a series of measures such as "combined", further the vast "problem Du three". In the assessment of incentive, the incentive for hard work, the outstanding achievements of cadres, as of, do not want to be punished by mediocre performance, "Zhou Jishi, month summary, season, annual bulletin" assessment system, 3 cadres of the institutions is not strong sense of responsibility for notification alerts. In addition, the Commission also promote the exchange of cadres post exchange, improve the overall quality of cadres training. With the establishment of nengshangnengxia mechanism for exploring, creating delicate gas is the general atmosphere of the Commission by letter has introduced the leaders comprehensive comparison method, the construction of Party and clean government work assessment rules and regulations, to break the official "iron chair, let" three "cadres" want to give way. Dare to "Teng bit. (reporter Yan Wenhua) (  commissioning editor: tolerance, Ma sweet)相关的主题文章: