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The oil in 770 billion of total financial assets listed on packaging? Promote specialized reorganization hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years of experience in petroleum veteran Jiepan will hold its financial business assets were transferred to the A wholly owned subsidiary of CNPC capital holdings, and the financial assets into business in capital 100% stake in the reorganization of assets into the. The | Yan Kai     editing | Yijie Yin after 4 months of waiting, the oil financial assets backdoor listing of the veil was finally opened. In August 23rd, *ST jichai announced that the company intends to buy oil in a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese Petroleum Group capital limited liability company in the major assets and issue of shares and cash payments (hereinafter referred to as the "oil capital") 100% equity and raise matching funds. The specific scheme is that the oil will hold its financial assets transferred to its wholly-owned subsidiary of CNPC holding capital, and to the financial assets into business in the capital   100% stake for the reorganization of assets into the. This means that the oil in the oil before the financial assets backdoor listing "the veil was finally opened. PetroChina insiders said the company listed on the financial assets of the group’s specialized reorganization of the established strategy, has been planning for a long time. Backdoor *ST jichai is the best option now, not only can save *ST jichai shell, and can realize the financial assets listed. This reporter learned that, since this year, PetroChina has accelerated the pace of internal specialization restructuring. Last year, its internal restructuring of the pipeline business, in the first half of this year, the construction of its assets were reorganized. But if the backdoor *ST jichai smoothly, is expected to take the lead in listed financial assets. "Backdoor programs set" in the capital was considered to have full license financial service platform. In the backdoor program before the introduction of the oil has its all financial assets packaged into the oil in the internal capital. According to the announcement, the financial assets in the oil to inject *ST jichai including China Petroleum Finance Co. Ltd.   28% equity, 77.10% shares of the Limited by Share Ltd, the Bank of Kunlun petroleum Asset Management Limited 100% stake in Kunlun Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. 60% stake, PetroChina exclusive property insurance Limited by Share Ltd 40% shares, 51% shares of the Limited by Share Ltd, Kunlun insurance brokers Italy Property Insurance Company Limited 51% equity, China Life Insurance Company Limited 50% equity, BOCI Securities Limited liability company 15.92% equity and 12.50% equity interest in the Galaxy Asset Management Co and bond insurance Limited by Share Ltd 16.50% shares. Among them, in the Asset Management Limited 100% equity owned Kunlun Trust Co   82.18% stake, Shandong International Trust and Limited by Share Ltd on  相关的主题文章: