The old man to buy insurance to grandchildren to 80 years of age after the discovery of the law does-小坂めぐる

The old man to buy insurance to the grandson of 80 years old 4 years after the discovery of the law does not allow Sohu in financial induced insurance agents, more than and 80 year old Mr. Yuan to buy an insurance for minors to 80 years old grandson, grandson. He did not know, Grandpa and grandson "generation", they do not have the "insurable interest", not to buy insurance. October 25th, surging news reporter learned from the Pudong New Area City People’s court, the court found the relevant facts after the verdict, the defendant returned to the old man 40 thousand yuan insurance company, compensation of $4766.8 yuan, yuan. Lin Xiaojun, the presiding judge of the case, believes that the insurance agent in this case makes false promises in the selling process, and there exists the phenomenon that the insurance agent is indulgent and implies the signature of the insured. The eight year old grandson to buy insurance to 80 yuan according to more than and 80 year old old man recalled, in September 2011, the insurance company manager Wang led a door-to-door sales agent called "Jinxiu annual" insurance: the annual payment of $10 thousand to pay for 5 years, sixth years can get 60 thousand yuan interest. See, Mr. Wang did not believe, and the agent and immediately issued a five year exemption for sixth years, which took sixty thousand of the undertaking. Holding the idea of pension added value, Mr. Yuan finally echocardiography, to buy the grandson of the personal insurance. However, at that time the son of the old man, that is, the grandson of the father is not, the Guardian Signature is signed on behalf of Mr. Yuan Lao. In October 2015, Mr. Yuan heard selling insurance agents and managers have resigned, quickly find their offices, was empty. He is worried about the benefits before Wang promised and the agent may fall, then took the contract and other materials for insurance company consulting, staff said: "all act in accordance with the contract, to surrender only refund the principal." Upon hearing this, Mr. Yuan heart suddenly cold half. He has some special life insurance, is to use their own pension, to the minor grandson to buy a period of 10 years of insurance, but also to protect the grandson of the age of 80. In order to protect their own interests, Mr. Yuan paper petition, sued the insurance company to the Pudong court, requesting an order the insurance company to repay the principal payment of 40 thousand yuan, 4766.8 yuan of interest. During the trial, the court added clerk Chen Moudong as the case of third people to participate in the trial. According to the interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of the "People’s Republic of China" insurance law "(three)" the provisions of article sixth, minors made to pay for the death of the insurance contract conditions other than the parents to fulfill their duties of guardianship for minors, the parties claim that relative clauses refer to insurance law of the contract valid identification, the people’s court shall not support, but with the exception of minors parental consent. In other words, there is no insurance benefits between the old man and the young grandson, the guardian of the insurance contract is signed on behalf of his signature, so this contract is likely to be invalid. According to the law, invalid contract invalid from the beginning, the insurance company should return the old man 40 thousand yuan principal. In this way, the old man’s interest on the lost. Insurance.相关的主题文章: