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UnCategorized You don’t replace your .panies phone systems often. The decision to move in another direction adds excitement and stress when it .es to a new phone services. What is available is astonishing, technology improves everyday, the decisions are endless, and so is the price range! What are your business needs? That is the bottom line. You don’t need to pay for more technology than will benefit you but it is also wise to take advantage of options available that can inprove your bottom line. It is important to .pare vendors; it’s not all apples to apples. All phone services allow you to answer and make calls but new technology goes way beyond that. You can connect several offices by phone systems and have a single receptionist answer for multiple businesses. You can transfer calls from office to office, have in office message systems, have your most frequent vendors and clients on autodial. You can have different rings for different type services, departments or .panies. You can network by phone system, have auto dial, voice mailboxes set up for each employees with specific goals and varying needs. The receptionist can see exactly who is gone to lunch, in a meeting, on vacation, or on the phone. Calls are never sent to lines that are busy or to those who have stepped away from their offices. Clients are impressed with a .pany that is that efficient. If automatic calling or answering benefits your .pany, there are endless possibilities for those also. A good phone service allows for optimal productivity. Track calls, track time spent on phone, track call histories to never lose another prospective client again. There are many ways to .municate in the business world from pagers to cell phones, smart phones to ipads, ipods, Droids, twitter, tweet, Facebook, text, and instant messaging. You are never too far from your patrons or customers. Make sure you are professionally available to them. Recently it was announced that Albertson was getting rid of their self-check stands as they wanted the .pany to interface with customers more. The hands one, people to people approach usually works best. Be available; use technology to increase your bottom line, but don’t lose the human aspect. Don’t just answer phones, be smart, use a phone service to improve business and improve your edge with prospective clients and customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: