The postal savings bank medical report the indicators need to pay attention to after the listing (vi nibbuns

The postal savings bank "medical report": an index need to cause the attention after the postal savings bank H shares listed today as the world’s largest Alibaba IPO this week China pure the youngest large commercial banks after the listing, officially entered the capital market. In September 28th, 9 years after the establishment of the postal savings bank, China Limited by Share Ltd (01658, HK) (hereinafter referred to as the postal savings bank) landing in Hong kong. For the Chinese listed banks, the market has given enthusiastic feedback. Priced at HK $4.76, successfully raised HK $56 billion 627 million, becoming the world’s largest IPO in 2016. After market is not without reason, the postal savings bank has the largest number of outlets, and the largest retail customer base, long-term roots in the Midwest and the county area, make it in the fierce competition in the banking market, take a different road. In addition, from the point of view of financial data, whether it is the total assets, net profit growth, cost of capital, regulatory indicators or non-performing ratio and provision coverage, the postal savings bank are better than peers. On the other hand, because of the high cost and agency fees, the income structure is relatively simple, the postal savings bank’s cost to income ratio is high, exceeding two times more than the same period of large commercial banks. In the banking industry generally by means of cost control to improve the efficiency of today, the index or will become a major constraint on the future development of the postal savings bank. In the analysts, the postal savings bank weaknesses in the cost and income of the end, and it is related with the future of its restructuring later, management level enhances unceasingly, and the location is clear, in the cost income ratio is still much room for improvement. A number of business indicators of good net interest income of the postal savings bank and the five eye-catching figure for the total assets of the postal savings bank in 2007 3 menstrual CBRC and the Ministry of Finance approved the establishment, became the youngest Chinese large commercial banks. In addition to the five lines in the same period in addition to Agricultural Bank, have completed the restructuring of listed. In January 2012, the postal savings bank to complete the restructuring. As of March 31, 2016, the total assets of the postal savings bank of 7 trillion and 700 billion yuan, total deposits of 6 trillion and 700 billion yuan, in the commercial bank Chinese were ranked fifth, after the engineering, construction, agriculture, in four rows. Due to the long deep Midwest and the county area is vast, the postal savings bank has a number of retail customers, the largest commercial bank as of March 31, 2016, the number of individual customers for 505 million households, more than 1/3 of the total population China. This is a group for the postal savings bank with low cost deposits 6 trillion and 700 billion yuan, the net interest income accounted for about 95% of total revenue over the same period. The "self + agency" business model, so that it has more than 40 thousand outlets, China, and even the world’s largest banking outlets. Compared to the same Agricultural Bank is committed to the rural market, the number of outlets over the same period of about 23 thousand and 700. Figure five for the postal savings bank and the number of outlets in 2013 compared to 2015, the postal savings bank, the average annual compound growth rate of 8.4%, higher than the other 3.5% large commercial banks; as of March 31, 2016, non-performing loan ratio was 0.81%, significantly lower.相关的主题文章: