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The powder has been enthusiastic bright black iPhone 7 in Xiamen stock powder in the apple store experience bright black models in Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen evening news (micro-blog) news (reporter Zhang Jingwei Ventura) iPhone 7 release, the day before yesterday, the reporter went to the SM new life square Apple stores found that consumers from 5 pm to 8 PM has been enthusiastic. Most young people went into the store to ask about the experience area of iPhone 7 and went straight to the bright black models. Mr. Wang was carrying a backpack, a sports clothing, into the store to find bright black iPhone 7 shopping guide asked whether there are goods, after that to online booking, he did not stay, ready to go back to the operation of the Internet, "I am now using iPhone 6, silver, more love black, decided buy a new one, did not think so hot." Reporters learned that the new life square Apple store, currently only provide iPhone 7 reservation service, black, bright black have been in a state of shortage. The clerk said, the typhoon weather and has little impact on the sale of iPhone 7, the first day of the morning, has been in the online appointment purchase customers, has been in the shop lined up waiting to take goods. In addition to iPhone 7, iPhone 6S is also popular. Miss Huang on the public to start a rose gold iPhone 6S, she said: the feeling of iPhone 7 is no big breakthrough, it is not reasonable to buy cheap iPhone 6s." >相关的主题文章: