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Medicine Gerson therapy relies on the powers of tremendous amounts of fresh live juices, specialized supplements and unique therapies to activate and energize the bodys healing system. This makes the Gerson therapy a much lower-cost alternative to conventional methods and the effects long-lasting. The main difference with the Gerson therapy costs and traditional medicine is because theres no expensive medication or chemotherapy but instead raw, organic fresh foods. The rule of thumb with the Gerson therapy is that the patient must be both interested and motivated in letting the body heal itself. Apart from using raw fresh juices to detoxify the body, another Gerson alternative that is recommended is vitamin supplements. The diet advises patients to take supplements of vitamins B12, iodine and potassium. The supplements are advised to clients to add them to their diet. In order to ensure that the benefit of the Gerson therapy reaches out to a vast populace of patients, Max Gersons daughter, Charlotte Gerson founded the Gerson institute. It is located in Tiujana, Mexico and a satellite in San Diego, California to provide teaching and training to people who wish to utilize the goodness of the therapy up on themselves or family. At the Gerson institute commences the training wherein the learners participate in a Gerson Basics Workshop. After the workshop concludes, the participants become certified as Home Set-up Trainer. For medical professionals, a comprehensive program known as the Practitioner Training Program is available. There is also a lower cost Gerson therapy alternative available. There is also a facility in Kentucky that operates a Christian based Gesron Program For individuals who cannot afford paying the weekly fees around $5,000 at the Gerson institute, the lower cost gerson therapy alternative is the Christian based Gerson lifestyle center. Their program is less costly only $1500 a week. Over the years Gerson therapy has established itself as one of the best alternative healing methods in the world. Quite interestingly, It works on the concept of preparing the body to heal itself without the use of any drugs or medication. In fact, Gerson therapy achieves this by employing an all new diet, mainly vegetarian and organic, and the supplements and juices mentioned before. The Christian based Gerson Program/institute is Bible based; however guests do not have to be Christian. The institute is commonly known as the Home for Health. Its founders believe that in order to attain success in the program, the power of prayer plays an important role. Historically, the Gerson therapy was invented by German medico Max Gerson, born in 1881. The Gerson diet which is the crux of the therapy came into being, after Gerson, who was a patient of migraine headaches, tried to get rid of the problem by revising and experimenting changes in his diet. The results he achieved, he shared with his patients. Later of course, the foods etc. he used to achieve the healing became known as the Gerson diet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: