The president of the United States made man, actually lost to an island action movie technical guida

The president of the United States made man, actually lost to an island action movie "technical guidance"! – the new Sohu President Trump political adviser to the fire! About the president’s political adviser, in the United States can be said to play a very important role, he is simply: "presidential man" and the new president is a political consultant, appear reminiscent of another: there is no a figure in the world! Because of the appearance resembles the Japanese animation master "Anxi" dunk in the coach, the political adviser appeared attracted the attention of users crazy, because without him, simply too much like! Even today, people don’t even know the name of the political adviser. So when it comes to him, always used to call him "daddy! In the foreign social platform, on his topic is repeatedly hot search! May many friends have not seen the master dunk would wonder: who is the Anxi coach? It’s normal to think so, as a comic book that has been over for years. He is not a man, but not what appearance is very handsome figure, but why so high? The most important thing is that as a basketball theme of the animation, he is in the "action drama" is less and less. Only the most famous motion picture, this estimate is: but in Japan, just this one action, the popularization degree is not inferior to straight will "right-hand" acrobatics. Issued to commemorate the blue disc animation "dunk master", press specially made Anxi so big tour coach silicone model Japanese animation shop, Ren slapping his trademark fat chin, under a counter. Did not expect, a few days down the number of up to 208 thousand and 204 times! Anxi coach model severely damaged, declared disabled! This is enough to prove that the island people have a special liking for the old man. At this point I just want to be the silicone model! As the coach of the animation, he and the players to communicate the picture is even less. But even so, he can get five consecutive years "the most perfect in my mind" by the first teacher! Entire comic down, he personally teaching basketball skills only can enjoy the protagonist yingmuhuadao. But he can make to indulge in fighting punks most willing to kneel begged: coach, I want to play basketball! This is the classic Japanese manga "dunk master" in Hunan, the coach of the high school basketball team: "Anxi light righteousness" "Takehiko Inoue" in the author’s pen, Anxi coach can be said to have the legendary life. As a Japanese national champion basketball when he was young, his entire youth to stay in the Japanese national team. As for the technology, see from his teaching Yingmuhuadao: when he was young he can cast the absolute level is the national first-class! And, whether it is ryonan or Hainan team coach and conceited, as long as a touch on the Anxi will bow to a reverent and respectful bow from D!相关的主题文章: