The property market after the new deal in Beijing the first limited housing plots 4 plots in

The property market after the new deal in Beijing the first limited housing plots 4 plots in Haidian – Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Zhao Peng) yesterday, the city planning and Land Commission launched 4 cases limit prices, competing land pilot plots, and this is the implementation of the "930" new deal, the first pilot block. Experts believe that the purpose is to control the reasonable range of land prices to curb the rapid rise in real estate prices to combat real estate. The Municipal Land Planning Commission issued "on the Beijing city Haidian District" overall development "in northern Haidian industrial base in Yongfeng (New) HD00-0401-0062, 0166, 0158 plots, 4 plots of state-owned construction land use right transfer supplementary notice". Notice clearly, these 4 plots of all pilot use of the limited price, competing premium transaction listing transfer. This is the city’s first implementation of the 930 New Deal pilot plots. Prior to the September 29th Beijing land market launched 5 plots, in addition to a case of housing and affordable housing plots, the remaining 4 plots are included in the supplementary notice. In September 30th, Beijing introduction of market regulation deal, which clearly under the strict control of land at the same time, to predict the future project pilot to take prices, Limited sales price and as land auction conditions, effective control of the rapid rise in real estate prices. Real estate development enterprises to encourage self-sustaining part of residential as rental housing, meet the housing demand of city residents. The city issued a supplementary announcement of the 4 plots, it is the implementation of the city, the first batch of 930 pilot plots. According to the "Supplementary Notice", the 4 plots were set a reasonable ceiling price of the land, when the bid price quoted to a reasonable limit land, no longer accept a higher offer, to the price basis, through the first enterprise self-sustaining commodity housing way to determine the area of bidder. The enterprise sustained commodity housing will be used for rental housing, not sales. At the same time, due to the listing price adjustment, the starting time of the 4 plots of the delay to November 2nd 9, the application deadline for bids in November 15th when only 15. Listing deadline for 15 November 16th deadline. The 4 plots of the auction schedule for November 16th 15:30 and 9:30 in November 17th. But the "Supplementary Notice" and did not disclose the specific rules for the 4 plots, but said recently will be announced. Immediately visit the reasonable price range to meet the housing needs of the relevant industry experts said that the introduction of the limited price, competing premium transaction, not the first time in Beijing. In 2010, a Fangshan District block in the town of Changyang in the 5 month, the limited sales price of 12500 yuan per square meter, is sold by the limit prices, competing land "way. Beijing property market in accordance with the new requirements, such as the use of land for sale again, the purpose is to control the reasonable range of land prices, curb rapid rise in prices, reasonable guide market expectations. Meet the rigid housing needs, while meeting the needs of improving housing. In addition, the two companies self-sustaining commercial housing area of the way is to implement the state recently.相关的主题文章: