The risk of the steady release of futures bulls eager mcncc

The risk of the steady release of futures bulls "eager" – reporter Ye Siqi in October 27th, the index in early trading volatility dip, but quickly pulled up late. Analysts pointed out that from the main futures positions change, market pressure release. Under the warm atmosphere, the three short-term is expected to remain stronger trend. The index pulled up late yesterday, the index continued to fall out of the market after pulled up late. At the close, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 main contract IF1611 index at 3324.6 points, down 6.8 points, or 0.20%; Shanghai 50 main contract IH1611 index at 2241.8 points, down 5.8 points, or 0.26%; the card in the 500 main contract IC1611 index at 6458.2 points, down 1.4 points, or 0.02%. Now the price, as of the close, IF1611 premium 21.1 points, IH1611 premium of 8.46 points, 59.16 points premium IC1611. When the country is good when the sea futures derivatives research director Cheng Zhaohong said that the recent depreciation of the RMB to strengthen financial supervision and other factors, making the market funds face more intense, to suppress the stock. But from a fundamental point of view, in September the overall economic data to improve the performance of listed companies is expected to improve. From a technical point of view, the Shanghai Composite Index in the vicinity of the pre pressure after the callback, is a normal phenomenon, the overall upward trend has not changed. In addition, after three consecutive days of decline in the stock index, short-term risk is released, so many factors led to do more enthusiasm. CITIC futures research department deputy general manager Liu Bin further pointed out that the index pulled up late, is the first time shares pulled up forming a wheeled kinetic energy, coal stocks decline also narrowed, pressure is weakened; secondly, yesterday afternoon, the repo rate dropped significantly, the termination of continuous rise in the situation, the shortage of funds worrying signs of easing; third. Wednesday and Thursday the pension market expected debt deleveraging and more news covered due to Wednesday’s adjustment, exist digestive demand to the news market; meet 3100 point integer off the last strong support technology. Insiders also pointed out that, from the premium, for two consecutive days in the adjustment premium slightly convergence, market sentiment and not because of the adjustment and the pace of overall emotional stability appeared pessimistic. The three discount rate of convergence index, compared with the same period last year basis, is at a low level, indicating that the market is expected to improve. The atmosphere is still too many positions, the last date refers to the total positions to continue masukura. But compared to Wednesday Masukura, Thursday in favor of bulls, because late Wednesday Zengcang is downtrend, and the late Thursday Masukura is rebound, it shows that bulls are enhancing the initiative, to stabilize the favorable. The former 20 seats change positions, IF long Masukura up despite slightly less than short, but the Bulls still showed covering intention; IH is our long Masukura, short lighten up; IC is quite long and short efforts to lighten up. Changes in the main position from the perspective of the basic release of market pressures. Because coal and other commodity prices are still on the adjustment theory相关的主题文章: