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UnCategorized I am going to let you in on the secret that took me from being a broke and struggling forklift driver working in a hot, dirty warehouse to a successful and happy home business entrepreneur. The secret is probably not what you think; but in another way, it most definitely is. Let me explain… You know, there are literally a million ways to make a million dollars. Fun ways to make a million. Really! But any of these methods, whether they are franchises, artists’ royalties, a CEO salary, or a top tier home business — each and every one of them will fail to produce that magic seven-figure income if one crucial piece of the puzzle is not in place. What is the secret ingredient for success? It’s your consciousness. I’ll define more clearly exactly what I mean by consciousness, as it relates to generating wealth. The secret to having million-dollar consciousness is in your thoughts and feelings. What you think and feel on the inside determines your results on the outside. There is no escaping this fact. It is a universal law, a governing principle of the that determines the results we create in our life, both desirable and undesirable. This universal law is called the Law of Attraction, or simply, the Secret. You will attract into your life what you spend your day thinking about and feeling. Don’t like the numbers in your bank account? The Secret says, "Change what you are focusing on in your mind and emotions." Hocus pocus mumbo jumbo? Think again. Quantum physicists have known about the secret creative dynamic of the Universe for years. While we may never know exactly how the Secret works to manifest what we focus on, quantum physicists have been able to observe the amazing influence the mind has on the physical world at a subatomic level. While conducting experiments on the behavior of electrons, scientists made the seemingly mind boggling discovery that the presence of a human observer directly effected how the electrons displayed themselves. In short, the scientists noticed that when they shot electrons at a target, the electrons initially behaved as waves, which is one way energy can express itself. However, when the scientists proceeded to more closely examine the electrons expressing themselves as waves, the electrons completely changed format and started expressing themselves as particles. The physicists were blown away when they realized that the very art of observing the electrons changed their behavior! The physicists were seeing with their own eyes how the Secret operates to create physical reality. This phenomenon, initially observed in the 1970s, proved that our minds, our perception, can directly effect the makeup of the material world on a subatomic level. These are the same subatomic particles that make up the new car you want to drive, the money you want in your bank account, the dream home you want build, or your special piece of land. The Secret brings about all this, or not, depending upon how we use our minds. So bringing this back to defining the secret to creating abundant wealth in our lives, how does this Law of Attraction play out in everyday life? The heart of it is this: You can spend your time, day after day, taking action to build that new business, create that new piece of art, or finding that new opportunity, but if your inner thoughts and feelings are focused on poverty, lack and struggle instead of the abundance, wealth and freedom you are so nobly striving to create, you’re going to create more lack in your life one way or another. I often see the Secret play out in a negative way with other home-based entrepreneurs. I see people bouncing from one business to another, trying to find that one opportunity that will finally get them where they want to go, all the while ignoring the fact that the same person was as "the scene of the crime" of every failed business venture: themselves. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, but most of the time "jumping the fence" is a semiconscious avoidance of the thought patterns and feelings that are responsible for creating the poor results. One of the hardest things about implementing the Secret in our lives in a conscious way is that it usually requires us to stop what we are doing, take a step back, and "check in" to observe what is going on inside. This internal evaluation can be difficult because 1) negative thoughts and feelings are often uncomfortable to acknowledge in an outright way to ourselves, and 2) negative thoughts and feelings can become habitual patterns that seem to be the only reality. However, by beginning to use daily affirmation and visualization techniques, new thought and emotional habits can take hold. In time, working consciously with the Secret to create the reality we want can become as easy as flipping a switch. Seemingly miraculous results can happen instantaneously, and your experience of daily life starts to feel really good. Because of how the secret Law of Attraction operates, the more positive our day-to-day thoughts and feelings become, the better life gets! The positive momentum in your life builds and builds upon itself, and you hop on board the ride of your life — manifesting your dreams! Are you ready? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: