The seventy-third Venice Film Festival in Italy was awarded the national treasure star ambassador –

The seventy-third Venice Film Festival in Italy was awarded the national treasure star ambassador – Sohu for 10 days in 2016 seventy-third Venice Film Festival yesterday ended, many international stars have appeared, walking the red carpet, the ancient city of instantaneous Tim Europe Hollywood color. To feature known Philippines director Ralph · Diaz force again, following the Berlin Film Festival in eight hours as won the Silver Bear award, the film "left women" the conquest of the Venice Film Festival Grand prize. "Leave the woman" is a minister for nearly 4 hours of film director Ralph · Diaz took inspiration from Tolstoy’s novels, and as a prototype, tells the story of a woman to go beyond their own story between tolerance and struggle. When it comes to mention the Italy film awards you goddess, said the Italy goddess had to mention Italy’s national female movie star. You must know that "the postman" this classic movie actress – Maria Garcia Cucinotta · ·. Maria as the film festival the most beautiful town scenery, was awarded the 2016 Venice International Film Festival ambassador. Awards ceremony and Festival Awards held together. Maria · Garcia · the unique beauty of the United States, and many of the Spanish women in Italy, like the wild beauty, but also elegant noble and aggressive. The actress was awarded the national Venice International Film Festival Film ambassador, is committed to the Italy unique delicacy passed to fans around the world. Maria not only in the red carpet leading the spotlight, but also in the big screen constantly surpass themselves, even if the passage of time, the old style still, her more calm and dignified a born beauty, a group of beautiful Hollywood actress to walk the red carpet has a unique host a queen. Maria · Garcia will Ambassador Award for is a 15 years old birthday of her daughter, she hoped women all around the world should be like "left women" in the master, the twists and turns, Killing with Kindness, hovering in the refuse to be cowed or submit, despite the anger and forgiveness between struggling, still choose to give the world a great power for good. In her view, tenacity and courage is the female beauty of this era. Maria · not only pay attention to study the female gassie Yaya good shining on the big screen, is also committed to the promotion of the art world in real life couple. She designed for China 90 talented designer Liu Li of our high women’s favor, high team and invited him to set up in Paris to attend the Golden Lion awards dinner. As the only invited the Chinese designer, Mr. Liu Lisi and the Golden Lion Award winners chat very joyous, Film Festival ambassador Maria also hopes after and Liu Lisi brand have more wonderful cooperation. Perhaps in the next Venice golden lion on the red carpet, we will see is Chinese and Western Italy ambassador and Chinese designer, look forward to the visual feast!相关的主题文章: