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Simone Zanger knife future C Ronaldo than that left Atletico – Sohu sports Simone Zanger knife future than C lo   European Cup scored 6 goals last season won the golden boot, La Liga is Atletico Madrid scored 22 goals in the last two years, Glenn Seidman ushered in the occupation career leap period. While he was in Ma Jing’s coach Simonyi also believe that their favorite future can reach the same as Messi C Ronaldo height. The study of "Gulliver know he play for a great club, the club are in progress every day, and there is a need for his coach. He will undoubtedly reach the height of Messi and C Ronaldo, the world’s best players." In the two Champions League finals have unfortunately crashed, people worried that Simonyi will choose to leave Atletico downhearted. But Simonyi said, looking forward to next season’s new stadium, fans can ease slightly up, "I’m very happy at the beginning of next year, we can have a beautiful stadium, I hope I can go there. When I see it, I can understand why I am here, I am much simpler than you think." (of water)相关的主题文章: