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The student apartment is too expensive they put the container into the seaside Hostel (original title: student apartment is too expensive, they put the container into the seaside hostel) lead: each household can have a private bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Rent $600 per month. (source: curiosity daily) to study abroad, the largest expenditure to rent, in recent years there is a growing trend. In Europe, because there are 80% key universities are located in the city center around the gold zone, the student apartment price is even more staggering. According to a survey by Unipol, a British charity, rents rose by 25% from 2010 to 2013, nearly double the local average rent increase ($13%). In Denmark, according to Copenhagen Post Online reported that the capital of Copenhagen in 2020 before the need to add 45000 new housing to meet the needs of young people. Rigger, founder of Urban, a housing start-up in Copenhagen, Kim Loudrup believes that the problem is more than just the housing pressure. The students entered the city college education is one of the main economic knowledge creation, but also the most important social investment, it is difficult to imagine the object because of their prices up – which ultimately turned to receive better education will also be the city itself. Urban Rigger took a fancy to the city ports along the coast of europe. They are usually located close to the city centre, and the European city of traditional industrial economy has already been replaced many of the original service, busy container distribution area has been vacant, no longer have the large vessels. If you can build some "sea dormitory" on the quayside, and modular design, the sea level they can not only resist climate warming up, also can lower the costs and easy popularization. As the design is that we have reported a number of local offices in Copenhagen BIG. They put the container into the port floating on the shore of the 24 group of student apartments, each apartment can accommodate 12 people, each have their own private bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, patio, and kayak (yes, they can sail to the city center), roof terrace, barbecue area is public, the monthly rent for 600 dollars. In interior design, the overall style of the apartment emphasizes simplicity and practicality. Windows to allow tenants to fully enjoy the seascape, white, gray, pink and green, pink blue color for the space is quiet and lively. All apartments rely on a number of solar cells composed of photovoltaic arrays, while the use of a solar heat exchange system to adjust the indoor temperature. Outside the wall is coated with a layer of NASA aerogel, which is called the "ultimate sponge", which has a large amount of micropores, which can absorb water pollutants. These apartments are currently manufactured by a shipyard in Poland and can be built at a cost of $700 to $800 per square foot per year相关的主题文章: