The Taiwan group was cut off 7 days dissatisfaction with the pseudo hunger strike Cai authorities candy boy

The Taiwan group was cut off 7 days dissatisfaction with the pseudo original title: hunger strike authority Cai Cai authorities insisted on ignoring public opinion cut false station announced that the "labor strike fighting president" [Global Times reported] Taiwan labor group announced on 3, 4 pm will be in the "Legislative Yuan" Zhongshan road "Front Gate held hard cut off workers strike" the reporter will appeal to recover the Cai Yingwen administration was cut off for seven days. According to the Taiwan news network reported that 2016 workers fighting president, Facebook announced the event on the 3. They said, Cai Yingwen’s hundred days, "fighting" groups and many workers who write theirs in the "presidential palace", to make Cai authorities saw the cut leave policy is the sacrifice hard-earned labor, capital profit; but even with their own blood as painful labor charges, Cai Yingwen government still insisted on hard; next the labor standard law amending the law in the "Legislative Yuan" two reading and three reading, the DPP will make a move in disregard of public opinion. Therefore, "fighting" group will launch a hunger strike in November 4th. United Evening News said that in order to prevent labor attacks, the Legislative Yuan 3 stationed more police, the door of the police from the 2 to 8 people, the back door from the 1 to 6 people. The KMT legislator posting mocking said, "two years ago, the DPP to assist the sun flower to occupy the legislative yuan. Today, for fear of labor groups and young people rushed into the Legislative Yuan, but requires a room full of policemen, guard". Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: