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The temperature of 1 secondary school scholarships of $8 million spent four million private high school students become the norm in micro-blog recently, and the network media have spread: "in November 20th, Wenzhou Cangnan county middle school in a high Shuren conference, issued a new high of 8 million scholarships for outstanding senior high school entrance examination." This news caused widespread concern, Cangnan Shuren middle school chairman said in an interview with reporters, in order to recruit better students, encourage students to study hard, indeed for the school year just a high school freshman issued a total of about 8000000 yuan scholarship. But this is really helpless, about 8000000 yuan scholarship, he is out of his own, for which he also sold a house in Shanghai. Preliminary report: Wenzhou 1 middle school award 8 million outstanding students spit worse: school money wayward (Figure) Wenzhou middle school issued 8 million Scholarship Council said very helpless to sell a suite of Wenzhou secondary school of Cangnan Shuren about 7800000 scholarship continued: Education Bureau Investigation (Figure) in fact, money newspaper reporter survey found that not only is the Cangnan county people take a high middle school scholarship, in order to compete for high quality students, payment of 50 thousand yuan per capita, 100 thousand yuan bonus in Wenzhou private high school to talented students, is a very common phenomenon, some school year issued a total of three million scholarships are normal. [    event review; 8 million yuan Shuren middle school] to attract students recently, Wenzhou Cangnan Shuren high school awarded 8 million high scholarship news spread in micro-blog and major online media. It is understood that in November 20th, the parents of a high school, the school promised to meet the conditions of the students were rewarded, a parent will become the people’s mouth, the dividend will be". The original school enrollment in 2016 of this year when the commitment, graduated from junior high school entrance exams of the outstanding high school freshmen, according to the total score of the county (the county ranked the top 1300 award 100 thousand yuan reward 1800 reward 50 thousand yuan, 40 thousand yuan reward the top 2300, top 2800 Award 30 thousand yuan before. The 3300 award 20 thousand yuan). According to the list of awards given by the school, a total of 5 students received a reward of $100 thousand, 22 students get $50 thousand, 64 students get $40 thousand, 75 students get $30 thousand, 73 students get $20 thousand. A total of 239 students, a bonus of $7 million 870 thousand. In addition, the school also issued a financial aid to hundreds of hundreds of thousands of students with financial difficulties. Many students due to a scholarship to do a high school, according to the voters this year, just read a high school student Xie said that after the test results came out, she had a classmate from Yueqing Xiao Jiang (a pseudonym) score of 590 points or more. It said Xiaojiang scores can be entered the city of Yueqing Hongqiao middle school (a good local public schools), but in Wenzhou a private middle school. Xie told reporters, in that small and Jiang chat, young Chiang family economic conditions more difficult, after the private middle school senior high school entrance examination, people find Xiao Jiang, Jiang proposed attending the school, tuition, and;相关的主题文章: