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The "Tiangong two" space laboratory: how much cattle? After Beijing, Beijing in September 15, the extended service of two years and a half, Chinese first space laboratory "Tiangong-1 mission". Which is about to launch the relay — the "Tiangong two" space laboratory, will create more "first", in addition to the confirmation of astronauts in orbit but also to carry out mid resides, 14 experiments involving eight areas. According to the plan, "Tiangong two" space laboratory will be in Beijing on 22 September 15th 04 launch. In October this year, Chinese will launch Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft docking with the Tiangong two "space laboratory, of the medium-term presence of astronauts test for 30 days; in 2017," long seven "rocket launch day boat one cargo spacecraft docking, and" Tiangong two "were verified in addition, the propellant space station construction key technology operation. The aim is to build a permanent space station around 2020. The "Tiangong two" new equipment "Tiangong two" and "Tiangong-1" are the same, the long-term on orbit automatic operation, short-term manned aircraft, is to prepare for the future long-term space station construction. However, compared to the two, the inherent change greatly. From the China Aerospace Science and technology group had released the news, "improved No. two" large temple is more luxurious, loading equipment, improve the internal environment better. It is worth mentioning that the "Tiangong two system design" is modular, which means that it can be quickly replaced when there is a problem and maintenance, which belongs to the first in the domestic space. In addition, in order to facilitate the astronauts living in space, "Tiangong two" inside added a lot of intimate design. China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five "Tiangong two" space laboratory chief architect Zhu Congpeng said in an interview: "we should be people-oriented, to create a better life and working environment for astronauts." "The small multifunctional platform Tiangong two" for the first time using the astronauts can do scientific experiments to write, eat, live and work in the above, two correct; communication is equipped with a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth audio for astronauts; use the floor to replace the carpet; the cabin lights. With yellow hue, brightness can be adjusted manually. And the bed headlight installed for each astronaut. In fact, the 30 day of space is not only a test of the astronauts themselves, but also a new challenge for China’s manned space technology. Provide suitable living environment to provide a long time, including water supplies how long time, will be in the "verified two" mission in the temple. Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket vertically transferred to the launch tower. Sun Hao photo "Tiangong two" on the new experiment though, "Tiangong-1" and "Tiangong two" belong to the space lab, but the latter is more formal, or "Tiangong two" is the true sense of the space laboratory. In June 2nd, a senior adviser to Gu Yidong academician China Central Academy of space application engineering and technology introduced part of the Space Science Mission Temple No. two ")相关的主题文章: