The title to change painting and

The "title" "calligraphy and painting had to continue to adjust to China contemporary art market of the market in 2014, many people think that the macroeconomic situation and the political environment. In fact, these two points just fuse. The deeper reason is that nearly ten years of contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy market has almost been in a bull market". Although there have been during the callback, but are quickly warmer". This gives a lot of people into an illusion: contemporary painting and calligraphy masters seem to only rise will not fall, and thus attracted a lot of money because of this demonstration effect and eager to make quick money new money into the market. The problem is that this kind of new money is expected to return too strong, too high trading frequency. Not only raise the market price, but also exacerbated the market volatility. The result is: on the one hand, because a lot of "new money" when the price Jiancang is high, therefore, can only rely on pushing up the market price is likely to make money; on the other hand, when a large number of contemporary painting by new money "positions of the inherent requirements of the realization of profit, and found some" due to the purchase of new money and "price" is not high and the resulting cash problem. In fact, with the changes in the macroeconomic situation and the political environment, many buyers began to wait and see attitude, the number of disk access to reduce. Coupled with the contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy market is very typical buy or not to buy down the market, therefore, with the spread of this pessimism, China’s contemporary calligraphy and painting market continues to adjust is a high probability event. Overall, the Chinese painting and calligraphy circles can be roughly divided into three groups: "association of the school", "school" and "Jianghu"". Hospital Association sent refers to the Academy of painting and painting and Calligraphy Artists Association, association system. Because of the system, and the positions are often cross Painting Association, it is classified as a class. The term "College" refers to a painter who has received professional and systematic art training in a comprehensive university and an art school. Is the other art arena in addition to the above two outside, this is not pejorative. Just because of the difference between the level of the school of calligraphy and painting artists is very large, therefore, the outside world is more than just a misunderstanding. The depth of the adjustment in China contemporary painting and calligraphy market, although the nest eggs will survive difficult, but the market adjustment is the first to suffer the impact or the price bubble has great association to send "Leadership Academy of painting and calligraphy" and "entertainment for school". The impact of the painters was less, because the market space has been relatively limited. Since the reform and opening up, Chinese contemporary painting and calligraphy market gradually formed with "title", "the title oriented evaluation system not only leads to the abnormal development of China contemporary art market, but also caused the continued deterioration of the ecological environment and the China. Professional painter, art activists and party and government leading cadres in some amateur painting and calligraphy enthusiasts to chase the leadership of the painting and calligraphy association. Because in a rapid development of deformity in the market, "the title" more easily than "art" in calligraphy and painting "reasonable premium price". So, in many painting eyes, and painstaking exploration of art, as the idea and Title promotion. Some blindly follow the trend of investors is to listen to the news, do not ask the reason, lazy analysis, blindly follow up. It is a pity that these messages are相关的主题文章: