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The U.S. said 20 fighters like a military fighter is not eliminated compared to F22 – Sohu military channel information: on November 1st, the eleventh session of the Zhuhai air show grand opening. About 10:30 in the morning, two fighters -20 fourth generation fighter appearances, flight display. Global network reported on November 4th: the Russian military "Moscow Komsomolets" reported on November 2nd, aviation experts said that the -20 is Chinese US defence industries Lockheed Martin, Boeing, general dynamics company (fifth generation fighter F-22 R & D) response. The appearance is quite similar with F-22 -20. The latter is now the world’s only has served the fifth generation fighter, it first launched in 1997, 2001 began, but in the production of 187 aircraft due to high cost of production. Reported that, moreover, F-22 exposed a series of technical problems. Americans in busy troubleshooting when Chinese accelerates the development of -20 F. The military is expected in 2017 to 2019. The United States military, especially the air force chief of staff David? Godfin said earlier that the new aircraft Chinese impressive — although godfin also pointed out that the F-22 and F-35 comparison is not appropriate. Godfin believes that the U.S. fifth generation fighter in weapons and control system technology is more advanced. The fifth generation of Chinese fighter aircraft and the United States more similar to the F-117A, which completed the first flight in 1980, has now been phased out by the U.S. air force. However, the comparison of the main starting point is the appearance, because most of the technical and tactical performance of F -20 is still under wraps. In addition, the view that China’s new aircraft to a large extent reminiscent of the Russian fifth generation fighter design. Similar with the Russian MIG 1.44 fighter -20 fighter is very obvious, the latter is the Mikoyan Design Bureau developed in last century in 90s.相关的主题文章: