The United States of New York Chinatown more luxury Chinese residents worry that new lead – in-vidalia

The United States of New York Chinatown residents worried about Chinese luxury trend cited Beijing – "many shops are closed", "the Chinese are getting fewer and fewer, more expensive rent"…… Local time 21 days, the residents’ assembly land planning anti Asian violence alliance held in New York Manhattan Chinatown, the participation of Chinese residents in the message board to write their own "to see the change in Chinatown". The organizers think, change the current situation, residents and small businesses to benefit the renewal planning is the most important means; and the election is approaching, the organization, the tenant to Chinatown residents on behalf of the people is the best time to fully participate in the residential land reform program. Chinatown land reform program have been arguing with for years, without any progress. Union Executive Director Teresa Teng pointed out that since the mayor Bai Sihao took office, the city residential development land reform focus has large space in the East, Fala Sheng New York, Chinatown is located in downtown New York, has become the forgotten; but in recent years, Chinatown Hotel, luxury skyscrapers and low-income residents to be busy at putting up installations, small businesses are increasingly difficult here on. Teresa Teng pointed out that the anti Asian violence alliance established the Chinatown Working Group believes that the purpose of planning change is the way of development and protection of the residents of Chinatown, Chinatown, Chinatown merchants, program must prevent aristocratic and existing residents and small businesses were forced to leave. Residents, residents and businesses to Chinatown alliance to popularization of land planning knowledge, and collect the participants feel living in chinatown. Many residents rent stabilized apartments, with Chinatown, the lower east side of Luxury Apartments and hotel construction, more and more developers with interest to harassment, lease buyout techniques such as forced relocation of existing tenants, and Chinese immigrants, especially the elderly, because of the language barrier, not familiar with the regulations, be forced to bear the brunt of the object. People participate in groups, discussion will be made to the local people and the city, the City Planning Bureau of the city’s land reform suggestions and protection plan in chinatown. Anti Asian violence alliance also introduced the land reform report in cooperation with the City Chinatown Centre for justice to the scene of Chinatown merchants. The report pointed out that the Chinatown Hotel and Luxury Apartments high-rise building, is unable to ignore reality, only to promote the comprehensive land reform in order to protect the existing Chinatown, Chinatown residents and businesses, but the plan must be fair and Chinatown face special circumstances, to improve affordability rather than the cause of nobility, community must play an important role in the land reform. The city should be classified as "Chinatown special land planning area", the implementation of strong anti demolitions, anti harassment and anti eviction of the tenant protection policy, and strictly limit can be opened in the business nature of Chinatown, the number of large chain stores and new hotels should be strictly controlled, and the requirements of new projects must have a Chinatown affordable housing unit at least 50%. Teresa Teng said that after the third and the Committee and City Council meeting Chen Qianwen, has been made in the preliminary agreement on land reform program in Chinatown, Chinatown hope the working group has been for 8 years to promote land reform. The key is to reform the City Council, the district government and the municipal government, the negotiation of the door is opened, the next step will be through the organization of residents and demonstrations, etc., to put pressure on elected officials and reflect small voice, also hope that the election year is approaching, can accelerate the actual effect. (from the "world news")相关的主题文章: