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Venice Film Festival: Cannes masters, Oscar seed laicourenao – Beijing, the Venice International Film Festival Preview: Cannes master Oscar seeds are enlivened by the Venice Film Festival piece if   the seventy-third Venice International Film Festival will be officially opened on August 31st local time. As one of the oldest of the three major European film festivals, the pressure on Venice is becoming more and more obvious: the Toronto Film Festival is followed by the limelight every year. In order to save this embarrassing situation in Venice this year, the main competition piece if, on one hand full kneeling licking "Cannes old driver" to prop up the masters spectacular; on the other hand, the recruitment of North American awards season ahead of rally in latent seed, and good at this Toronto grab resources. As a result, this year’s Golden Lion War aspect bursting. Of course, the Chinese audience, the Chinese film is still expected to be a zero zero embarrassment. Just look at the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival this year, people will have a "this is clearly a Cannes Film Festival" illusion: over the past few decades in Cannes, a film star was the pinnacle of life, all came to compete for the Golden Lion shuicheng. Although there has always been about pioneer position and personal independence of conduct in Venice, invited a group of Cannes directing "daochamen" will inevitably become a lack of confidence, but neither painful nor itching for several years of Venice, let the master chengmenmian has been the only choice. Cannes film star collective visit, did not let the Venice visit a "fan", a big reversal is the rise of the Hollywood genius director, will be the latest works in Shuicheng contribution. This group of young directors is not a literary piece of the old master craftsmen, their themes and types, has been recognized by the market, "Philharmonic city" "come" and so these highly ornamental pieces competition, will be the festival to see films of choice. Compared with Cannes on competition of "global" value, support degree of the Venice Film Festival on the local film, in the three major European Film Festival in the most obvious. The competition in Venice, Italy local works director and global director works occupy half of the country. It is worth mentioning that the Italy documentary gold partner Massimo and Martina? Danuofei? Parenti, brought them to work together to the eighth documentary "thread", this title is rich in content, high concept of documentary visual spectacle propped up. It is worth mentioning that the Venice history of the documentary had favour when the 2013 "Rome Beltway" had a beat drama, climbed on top of the podium. Thus, "thread" is likely to be only a deus ex Italy competition film.相关的主题文章: