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UnCategorized He is a Scottish football manager and has also played the ball game in his early years. He is the present manager of the premier league team Manchester United that he is managing since 1986. Sir Alex was previously managing East Stirlingshire and St. Miren. But most of his success was when he was the manager of Aberdeen. Sir Alex Ferguson is also the world’s second-longest serving manager in the team’s history with excellent 23 years of experience. During this fruitful period of service, Sir Alex has won many awards and he also holds many records in this tenure. He won the manager of the year award several times in British football history. He became the third British manager to win the European Cup more than one time in the year 2008. He was the inaugural inductee of the English Football hall of fame and was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Sir Alex also holds the Freedom of the City of Aberdeen for his excellent service for the city. Sir Alex Ferguson was born to a helper in the shipbuilding industry named Alexander Beaton Ferguson and his mother was Elizabeth Hardie. Sir Alex grew up at 667 Govan Road in a tenement. He did his schooling from the Broomloan Road Primary School and later from Govan High School. He was a supporter of the Rangers. He started his playing career as an amateur at the age of 16. He was with Queen’s Park and he played as a striker for them. He had also worked with the Clyde shipyards simultaneously alongside his amateur football career. Sir Alex is the present manager of the team that has bagged the English Premier League title three times in a row – Manchester United. In his tenure with Manchester United, Sir Alex has also had many controversies involving him. One of them was with the famous football star David Beckham. Ferguson was involved in an argument with David Beckham in the dressing room and his frustration resulted in him kicking a football boot that hit Beckham on his face. He was also involved in many other famous controversies but he still remains the key factor for Manchester United’s unbeatable success over the years. Despite losing out to the Premier League title in May 2010, Sir Alex Ferguson remained confident that his Manchester United team had all the right ingredients, and would be.e a force once again in English football. He also admitted that their loss in the Champions League Quarter Finals was the most .pelling blow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: