They were beautiful, think of sad (video)

They were beautiful, think of sad a few days ago you probably by South Korean actress Ren Naying Shuabing. Because, she actually pinch his nose, deflated, the. Warning: the following diagram may cause discomfort, please be prepared to watch. Look at the diagram again to feel this strange nose, it is amazing. Click to play GIF 1514K who commented: "even if the runny nose, nose should also be nose instead of 502 glue ah, it seems only one truth……" In the lens to let the audience to witness the "face", is really big embarrassment. South Korean actress suspected plastic surgery failed, a pinch nose collapsed, laughing over the audience! It is human nature to love beauty. With the development of technology, now, what brought micro whole medical beauty, we have got used to, just before going to the beauty salon as usual. In the entertainment circle, "face" is more common. A lot of stars will grow a little different from time to time. For example, our water Lingling good impression. Some time ago the media to explore her drama, writing the results reported, the focus in happy face. This press release with a lot of title is "happy goings swollen cheek chin sharpened, and simply write" suspected cosmetic". I don’t think she had a big move, and not really. No PS map is such goings. The picture will be a little better, but the chin is a little too sharp. You were born in 1987, and Li Yifeng was of the same age. Easy to send their own photos. Before writing a meat face special topic (poke here to see if there is a youth not old face, I bet that is definitely a face) when a lot of people mentioned that there should be her. Her audience is super good, personality is low-key.. Now become (P) became the "awl face" program refinement photos or good, is to take a moment to recognize her at. Finally look at the former comfortable, and now can not tell where the change, but it is not the same. Miss the meat toot water Lingling she. Some time ago the film Yang Zishan, has also been a lot of media that "face", because obviously "Chin sharpened Apple muscle becomes large and no lie". Light figure does have did not recognize this in the end is who. Then she said, "go and get my drawing board out and play."". This face on the poster of the movie is not recognized. And then look back at the film "return to 20 years old," when she has a lot of identification right? When she announced her wedding last year, she was in micro-blog. Fresh and beautiful. In fact, an earlier Street picture, Yang Zishan’s face has been able to find many people shadow. Especially on the right side. If it is the problem of P graphics, but also do not drag out the storm! My old grandmother"! Zhang Meng was also asked by the reporter at the beginning of this year: "some people can’t recognize you."". She was generous enough to admit, "I think I’m not good enough, so I do have some adjustments." But slowly, adjusted face seems to be a little stiff, any expression is not natural. Despite her emotions on the reality show, facial muscles can not see what changes. This picture also face some uneven, the whole people will.相关的主题文章: