This teacher Jay Chou night with students to open the black Internet bar foxpro6.0免费下载

This "teacher" Jay Chou night with students Internet cafes opened the black if ten years ago by Jay Chou is singing, ten years after Jay Chou can rely on the game: a. In China’s new song, Jay Chou played well because the game attracted a large number of students to join their team. Previously, there are friends from the Internet bar late night encounter Jay Chou and his new sound of students. Recently, the Jay Chou clan students accepted an exclusive interview with Youku, Jay Chou often broke the tutor package about Students Internet cafes to play games, do not force you to the team. Jay Chou play games in Internet cafes, according to Jay Chou Corps trainees Haneda revealed that Jay Chou will pack a whole about Internet cafes, we play together. Empty Internet cafes, only Jay Chou and a dozen of them. The name is Jay Chou with the students to play the game, in fact, he did not expect everyone must team up. "You can play other games, too," said Hata Michi. Once Jay Chou and students leave the cafe, happened to be a netizen "". The netizen wrote on micro-blog, he accosted Jay Chou feeling disappointed, wondering how the local Internet cafe 12 p.m.broke nets. According to the students Ceng Minjie said, when a pedestrian into the cafe is already 11:30, did not expect half an hour after the broken network. Some time ago photographed friends to Jay Chou low-key combination of Zhang Xinyue, Yang Hesu did not participate in this meeting, because the day before the operation so they say rookie, and then drag the hind legs feel shy companions. With the new game for the field, in order to be able to play with Jay Chou, determined to seriously practice the operation of the game. All the students, "the ballad girl" Baker language, "Monkey King" is recognized in the single good team game. The only thing that Jay Chou is unexpected, "upright young girl" Ceng Minjie was also a first-class master operation. Last night, there are users exposed a Jay Chou late at night out of the cafe photos, photos of Jay Chou wearing a mask, and a few friends walking side by side, it seems very comfortable with the. It is reported that this is actually in the Jay Chou after the rehearsal of the program and the students go to the Internet cafe LOL scene, friends asked him to play happy? He said: "happy, but a little bad, why Jiaxing 12 off the net?" According to the fans disclosed that "teacher" Jay Chou didn’t take the students singing, but with the students go to Internet cafes LOL, edify sentiment, in this regard, many netizens have said: "I think you are such a juvenile addiction!" "You’re so happy to play, do you know?" "Yes, it’s Jay Chou at midnight!" Jay Chou also rely on the game to take a lot of students in a limited number of teachers and students to get together, once out of reach, Zhou Wang, has become a student who is also the presence of teachers and friends. "Youth addiction" Jay Chou said that such a statement, "the game broke many barriers, real space through the game, I feel young, and fans closer." If the game is now young people’s entertainment, why don’t you have fun with the citizens? Teenagers Jay Chou in their own way, successfully opened a new mode of instructors and students get along.相关的主题文章: