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Tiggo 7 strong market, what is to snatch SUV market cake? Sohu on the car in the days before September 20th, the new Tiggo compact SUV 7 officially listed Chery’s new car, launched a total of 9 models, two models, the price range of 9.79-15.39 million. Tiggo 7 is refer to the Chery TX concept car in Chery’s new T1X platform completely positive development of a product, from R & D reverse Tiggo 3, Tiggo Tiggo 5 to 7 officially listed, it is self-evident importance as can be imagined Tiggo 7 of Chery brand. The appearance, Tiggo 7 originated from the concept car naturally and Tiggo 5, Tiggo 3 be quite different, the grille with black paint coating, and by LOGO for the center to the edges, forming a ripple effect, the design idea is very novel. Trident headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lights with personality and movement. The new car’s length and breadth were 4505*1837*1670mm, wheelbase 2670mm and bullyear wheelbase, body side of the waist movement speed through type, coherent, great visual impact. The new car tail line is relatively simple, with a smooth arc, it is easy to be accepted, the size of the taillights is relatively small, but the interior of the three LED lights look very technical sense. The interior, black and brown color pattern can give a person find everything fresh and new visual experience, three pieces of steering wheel can only be two to adjust the seat, soft and comfortable, space performance is satisfactory. In summary, Tiggo 7 price, appearance and interior layout we probably all about it, but a car to sell well, not only depends on its price and appearance to attract consumers, we still care about the majority of owners inside, there will be many more, gap. So, we must also see Tiggo 7 power and configuration with those of its competitors compared to what is different. New Tiggo 7 equipped with two power mode, 1.5T turbocharged engine, maximum horsepower manual version: 152Ps, maximum power 112KW, maximum torque of 205N.M; dual clutch version: 147ps maximum power, maximum power 108ps, maximum torque of 210N.M. 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, maximum power 122Ps, maximum power 90kw, maximum torque of 180N.M, matching CVT cvt. The whole system is a front Mcpherson independent suspension, rear multi link independent suspension. The upper everybody also to understand the dynamic Tiggo 7, then we analyze its competitors and power is stronger than. The first is the Bo is also equipped with two power mode, respectively is 1.8T and 2.0L, which 2.0L engine maximum horsepower 141ps, 1.8T engine maximum horsepower is respectively 163ps and 184ps, obviously we can see that the power is far better than bullyear Tiggo 7. Look at the trumpchi GS4,16 models equipped with 1.5T engine, maximum horsepower 152Ps; 15 models equipped with 1.3T engine, maximum horsepower 137ps, so!相关的主题文章: