To buy overseas independent, Xin Branch materials will be conducive to the overseas layout christie stevens

To buy overseas independent, Xin Branch materials will be conducive to the layout of overseas hot money flows thousands of thousands of column rating stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million, reporter Li Xing Choi, editor Qiu Jiang suspended for a month after. Xin Branch materials announcement today, the company and Nicolas Chartier signed a "framework agreement" to buy assets, and obtain a provisional board at 9 days will be considered by the. According to the framework of the asset purchase agreement, the company intends to purchase the right to Chartier 80% of the assets of the direct or indirect ownership interest in Nicolas. For the convenience of the transaction, Nicolas Chartier proposed that the company can and must be selected reasonably acceptable to the place according to the law to set up Special Purpose Company, SPV1 SPV2, by SPV1 on the buy and hold the intention of trading assets directly or indirectly owned ownership rights; SPV2 SPV1 will hold all the investment rights and interests, and as a private party and the company and the company deals signed this transaction protocol. The company will set up a Special Purpose Company SPV as a formal trade agreement signed and the deal is subject to execute this transaction in China or other regions, after the completion of the transaction, the company or the company set up the SPV SPV1 will hold a 80% stake in the interests of all investors. This transaction will be paid in cash, confirm the asset appraisal report issued by the asset evaluation agencies, the final transaction at a price with the securities business qualification of the Target Corp interest evaluation value based negotiation. According to the company disclosed that the intention of trading assets of the transaction involved in film production business on behalf of the industry development trend of small and medium-sized independent studios are excellent, business scope mainly concentrated in the overseas market, with the TV drama planning, production and distribution of the whole flow channel; combined with its business integrity and market potential of the business in the future will maintain a high growth rate. The company said the transaction is conducive to the company’s business to the movie and television play broadcast television program planning, filming, production and distribution direction, meet the strategic positioning of the company’s main business, help the company make full use of the transaction assets business channels the original business expansion to overseas markets, to accelerate the company’s industrial layout, enhance the company’s profitability and market brand image. THE_END to enter [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: