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To strengthen the construction of teachers education quality and the development of   lead Chinese – Politics – project, education for the. Education plans, teacher centered. Of the party since eighteen, China has always put the construction of teachers in the development of a strategic priority, introduced a series of policies and measures to cultivate the qualified teachers of tens of thousands, effectively support the world’s largest educational system, improve the quality of the demographic dividend, Everfount development for me economy and society provide intellectual support. Not to build a good quality and dedication, rooted in rural teachers, "stay, education is not good." Over the years, these nine words vividly describe the working conditions of the majority of rural teachers in china. However, in order to achieve a fair education, to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty, an excellent quality, high stability of rural teachers. In 2013, the Ministry of education, Ministry of Finance issued a notice on the work in the contiguous poor areas of rural teachers living allowance. As of 2015, 604 counties of rural teachers received the central government issued a total of 4 billion 392 million yuan of funds for the comprehensive incentives to grant funds to the State Council, the State Council issued a total of $949 thousand. In the areas with higher subsidy standards, the attractiveness of rural teachers is significantly enhanced. In June 2015, the State Council issued the "plan to support rural teachers (2015 – 2020)", and strive to improve the rural teachers through the ideological and political quality and moral level, expand the channels to supplement the rural teachers in eight aspects of policy initiatives proposed in 2020 and strive to create a good quality, dedication, rooted in rural teachers. In order to achieve this goal, our country has made a series of "combination": through the free normal education policy, the training of rural teachers. 6 subordinate of Ministry of education of normal university to recruit a total of more than 45 thousand free normal students, the implementation of more than 45 thousand free normal graduates to teach in primary and secondary schools, more than 90.8% of them to the Midwest to teach. The country has 24 provinces to take free tuition, tuition returns, etc., the implementation of local normal students free education, about 34 thousand normal students and college graduates to teach in rural primary and secondary schools. — through the implementation of special post plan, a large number of teachers in rural areas, the central government has invested 16 billion 600 million yuan of funds, for the rural teachers in 243 thousand and 700, more than 30 thousand and more than 1 thousand counties covering 22 provinces in central and Western China rural schools. – the implementation of the "national training plan", the completion of the about 6400000 round of the central and western rural teacher training, the implementation of the rural principal power projects in outlying and poverty-stricken areas, further improve the overall quality of rural teachers. The construction of the integrity of the teachers and students in the construction of the system of teachers’ ethics is the soul of teachers, a good teacher, both if the teacher, but also if the teacher. However, the paid up classes, accepting parents gifts, such as student sexual assault contrary to morality or even violate the law of the case is not uncommon in recent years. What are the engineers of the human soul, and their souls? Ye Zhiping, Hou Boyu, he, he, he, he, and he, and he and he, and then, by the way of, and then, by Wang Qiang, and相关的主题文章: